Doki Doki Literature Club Your Reality Piano sheet music in PDF/Midi

Doki Doki Literature Club Your Reality Piano sheet music is a lovely music piece. The music was designed, programmed, and composed by Dan Salvato. On this page, you will be able to download reality music in pdf and midi files. I revealed a link to download You Matter To Me sheet music in PDF & MP3 in my last post.

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Doki Doki Literature Club Your Reality Piano sheet music midi

About Your Reality Piano sheet music Midi [Doki Doki Literature Club]

Doki Doki Literature Club is the central theme of the game. Anytime the player opens up the game, the theme will pop up with “Your Reality music.” The main lyric of the track is Doki Doki! Immediately the Doki Doki started playing, the girls and menu will display for the player to load.

This is the final tune in the video game that displays when the gamer reaches completion credit scores. It starts with Monika claiming, “Uh, Can you hear me?-Hi, it’s me! Uh, so y’ understand how I’ve resembled … rehearsing piano, and also stuff? As well as, I’m not truly any kind of proficient at it yet, like, whatsoever. However, I composed you a track for, and I wished I could reveal it to you because I functioned, really, really tough on it. So, yeah!”.

This tune has to do with Monika’s reaction throughout the video game. She states “this world of infinite options,” which is ironic since she remains in a game with a script, and also because she was not offered a finishing, she will never locate “that special day.”

Music Composer Dan Salvato
Score Name Your Reality Sheet music
Duration 02:59
Ensemble Solo
Key C Major
Released Date 2017
Privacy Everyone can download and use this music score

Get Your Reality music score below:


Get Your Reality in midi below:




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