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You Are The Reason sheet music with lyrics is a lovely music piece. The music was composed by well-known British songwriter and singer “Calcum Scott.” You will be able to download the piano music sheet on this page. I revealed a link to download Wii Shop Channel Piano sheet music in PDF in my last post.

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Calcum Scott Biography [You Are The Reason Sheet Music Composer]

Calum Scott is a well-recognized British music composer and also a singer. He was born in the year 1988 of October 12 in Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire. Born to the family of Kevin Scott, “Father” and Debbie Burton “, Mother”. Calum’s parents “Kelvin & Debbie” divorced when he was two years old while his father relocated to Canada.

Calum started learning how to play the drum at the tender while his sister “Jade Scott” encouraged him to sing.

Key Fact About Calum Scott

Full Name Calum Scott
Date of Birth 12 of October 1988 [32 age]
Occupation’s Singer and Music composer
Instrument’s Guitar, Vocal and Drum
Country Yorkshire
Genres Pop
Year‘s of Active From 2013 till date

Get the You Are The Reason music with lyrics below:


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