Download You Are Loving Babami Sheet Music in PDF & MP3

Download You Are Loving Babami Sheet Music in PDF &..

Here is a lovely choral song “You Are Loving Babami Sheet Music” by Abidemi Oyesanya. The song is written English and Yoruba dialect and I believe you will love it. I will also list some lovely Yoruba music sheet in PDF and MP3 on this page. Remember to share the music on Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter in the button below.

  • Download You are loving baba mi score and lyrics
  • Best of Yoruba choral baba mi sheet music in pdf & mp3
  • Download You are loving babami music sheet in mp3 & pdf

You Are Loving Babami Lyrics (sheet music)

You Are Loving Babami Sheet Music_kongashare.com_m

Verse 1
You are loving babami,
How do I stand to fi pe mi,
I ba se pe-wo ro tiwa mi,
Mo ti gbetan, Mo Gbetan O

What kind of Love is… this to me,
how can i guage your love to me,
I base pe wo ro tiwa mi,
Mo ti gbe tan, Mo gbetan O

Verse 2
Ko mi Je-su Baba mi,
To mi so-na Ki nmasegbe,
Jo-wa fagba-ra re s’abo mi,
Ki nle pe-ran,
Ki npe O….

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  1. Please is there a way you can help provide only the sequence for these songs? Dodimu and Kabiyesi O precisely

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