Wii Shop Channel Piano Sheet Music in PDF & MP3

Wii Shop Channel Piano Sheet Music in PDF & MP3

Wii Shop Channel Piano sheet music was scored by well recognized Japanese video game composer “Kazumi Totaka”. I revealed a link to download one of his works “Mii Channel sheet music” in PDF and also in MP3 some weeks ago. On this page, I will disclose the link to download the Wii Shop Channel music sheet in PDF and in Midi format below.

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Kazumi Totaka Biography [Wii Shop Channel Sheet Music Composer]

Kazumi Totaka’s native name is 戸高 一生 and was born in the year 1967 of August 23rd. He’s a well-known Japanese sound director and video game, composer. He also well recognized for his various video game composition for the Multinational consumer electronic and Video game company “Nintendo.”

He started his career as a video game composition in the year 1990.

Key Fact About Kazumi Totaka

Full Name & Native Name Kazumi Totaka – 戸高 一生
Date of Birth 23rd of August 1967 [53 years]
Occupation’s Sound Director, Voice Actor, and Composer
Instrument’s Guitar, Piano, Bass, and Vibraphone
Country Japan
Genres Jazz and Video Game Music
Year‘s of Active From 1990 till date

Get the Piano sheet music below:


Get Wii Shop Channel in Midi below:




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