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Where Is My Mind Piano sheet music is a lovely music piece. The music is by the American rock band “Pixies.” It was labeled as the 7th CDs Album “Surfer Rosa” in 1988. I will enclose the link to download the music sheet in PDF and the Midi file below. In my last post, I revealed a link to download Across The Stars sheet music in PDF.

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where is my mind piano sheet music pdf midi_kongashare.com_mo

About Where Is My Mind Piano sheet music

Where is my Mind song by American alternative rock group “Pixies” in 1988. It positioned at the 7th track on the band’s 1988 CD album “Surfer Rosa.” The song has been featured in several covers, and it is the band’s signature song. Where Is My Mind song was recorded in 1987 November and Released on the 21st of March 1988.

The song was written by Black Francis when schooling at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Key Fact of Where Is My Mind Piano sheet music

Music Composer Black Francis
Score Name Where Is My Mind
Duration 03:53
Ensemble Solo
Key E Major
Released Date 21st of March, 1988
Privacy Everyone can download and use this music score

Black Francis Biography [Where Is My Mind Piano sheet music]

Black Francis was born Charles Thompson IV in the year 1965 of April 6th. He’s a well-known American songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist. He is also best recognized for his collaboration with the alternative rock band group “Pixies.”

He was named Black Francis in the band and performed as a frontman. After separating the Pixies band group in 1993, He started his solo career with the name Frank Black. He endorsed the name “Black Francis” in 2007 after he formed his new band labeled “Frank Black and the Catholics.”

Fact About Black Francis

Birth Name Charles Thompson IV
Occupation Songwriter, Guitarist, and Singer
Date of Birth April 6th, 1965 [56 years]
Country of Birth Boston, Massachusetts
Spouse Name Violet Clark
Years of Active From 1986 till date
Genres Alternative rock

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