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Top 15 Free Christian Music Apps on Google Play in 2020

Christian music usually has lyrics that center on the life of a Christian. It comes in most music genres. A lot of Christian music contains words that build up faith, encourage, helps you to pray,  worship, and praise. They inspire redemption;  reconciliation and renewal, which makes many people listen to them as it draws them closer to God and preaches Jesus. I will be revealing the most top 15 free Christian music Apps on Google Play.

Lots of people love listening to Christian music at different times of the day; while stuck in traffic, doing laundry, exercising or taking a walk, praying, or even relaxing. This means you need lots of these songs on your device and there are Christian music apps you can find in Google play which lets you listen to all your favorite and soul-lifting Christian songs anywhere you are. At any time you wish right on your smartphone or tablet without the trouble of copying songs from one device to another. Such apps include:

  1. Spotify

Spotify is an app for streaming music. It lets you search for music according to the genre, artist, playlist, and albums for free. The app gives you excellent access to enjoy beautiful music. With the Spotify app, you can create your collection of Christian music and also import them to your device so that you can listen at your own time. The Spotify app has up to 4 stars rating by users and has been downloaded more than 18,929,722.

  1. K- LOVE

K-LOVE, an app from jacAPPS, is an online app that plays a beautiful and encouraging free line up of Christian music. A non-profit ministry manages it. Using the K-LOVE app will let you add current songs to your list, see the lyrics of songs being played and also listen to daily verse.  Users rate this app up to 4.4 stars and has been downloaded more than 16,260.

  1. Christian music

Christian music, also known as Christian.fm, is a free Christian music app that offers an endless list of the best Christian songs on your android device. The app lets you listen to and add the top Christian songs on their list to your playlist. You can also play music by featured Christian artists or by genre as it features all types of music though with a limited number of songs. It has a 4.5-star user rating. Downloaded more than 2,187.

  1. Air1

Air1 app is a Christian music app operated by a ministry that is not for profit. The app plays a long list of Christian music and allows you to create your favorites list. You get free daily word from the app, search for lyrics of songs, and even the song video cover. It has a high rating by users. Downloaded more than 6,000 users.

  1. TheBlast

This music radio app plays Christian rock music. This feature makes this particular app unique in its way. TheBlast.fm app has a 4.6 stars rating by users and plays non-stop music. So, if you love to enjoy drum beats and vocals anytime and anywhere; this app might be what you need.

  1. Praise & Worship Music

This is an app for the entire family. It lets you into the wonderful world of Christian songs from an artist of different flairs and different music types; even children are not left out. It also offers bible references that inspired the song. The app is rated 4.5 stars by users.

  1. The Gospel Station

The Jacobs Media application is a gospel music app with an extensive collection of Christian artists like homecoming friends, assurance, and the best southern gospel morning, noon, and night. The app with a four stars rating needs about android 1.6 for download.

  1. Free Christian Radio

This is an app with soul lifting songs to enjoy all through the day and also duplicate to your own favorites. It lets you search for songs according to artists and gives the music, tour, and pictures of the artist. The app enables you to get news and feeds from Twitter and has a 4.6 stars rating by users.

  1. Hope 103.2

This music app offers an endless list of Christian songs. You get to see the photos of the artist and videos of the music too. The tooth and nail records app, with a 4.6 stars rating by users is unique and lets you send messages and interact with other friends/users who are also enjoying the app.

  1. His Radio

This is an exciting radio app that plays the latest Christian worship, pop, and ccm with a long list of music from different artists like David Crowder band, Newworldson, and Selah. The app is rated 4.7 stars by users.

  1. Today’s Christian Music

This app offers you exciting music from more than a hundred radio stations. The app which has a four stars user rating gives you the option of seeing song videos and the song lyrics while the songs play, it also lets you create your music playlist and add songs to it.

  1. CBN Radio

This is a free Christian music radio app that features songs from your favorite Christian artists. It gives you access to thousands of beautiful Christian music from 12 different stations – Praise, Gospel, Classic Christian, Superbook, Christmas, Instrumental, Contemporary, Spanish, Cross Country, Southern Gospel, Selah, and CBN news. With CBN Radio, there is no sad or dull moment because there are songs for all moments. The app is rated 4.7 stars by users.

  1. Worship and Praise Songs

This is an app that contains Christian radio stations around the world for listening to Christian music on your tablet or smartphone whenever and wherever you are. It features a different music genre. Programs line up include; praise and worship, contemporary Christian music, gospel, Christian Spanish, and Christian rock. The app has a 4.5 stars user rating.

  1. The JOY FM

The JOY FM is an app that streams beautiful Christian music. It has the latest features which include apple carplay integration, shows blogs, prayer, streams joy worship, and many more. With the joy FM app, which has up to 4.6 stars user rating, you can listen to your favorite Christian music on the go.

  1. Encouraging Radio

The encouraging radio app offers you Christian music from five leading Christian radio which lets you make your choice of best contemporary Christian music. The app brings uplifting songs and stories that build your faith. It has a 4.6 stars user rating.

With this variety of Christian music apps, you can listen to your choice of Christian songs at all times to ensure a daily supply of positive energy with words and music that help your spiritual journey and uplift your spirit.


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