Download The Christian’s Good night Music Sheet by Ira David Sankey

Download The Christian’s Good night Music Sheet by Ira David Sankey

The Christian’s Good night is one of the original popular hymns used for funeral service. The chorister can perform this hymn in full SATB or a solo by treble part. The Hymn words are awesome and on this page, you will be enabled to download christian’s good night music sheet for free.

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Let talk about the Author

Sarah Doudney Biography [Author]

Doudney Sarah was born at a place near Portsmouth and the daughter of Mr. E. George Doudney of Cosham. was sent to a remote village in Hampshire at a very tender age. She made her first literature at a very tender age. As well a popular song “The Lessons of the Water Mill” in the USA was written when she was at the age of 16.

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She contributes in various places such as Good Words, Sunday Magazine, and other serials on Stepping Stones. A Woman’s Glory, sacred and secular poems which as been appreciated by readers.

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  1. Sleep on, be-lov-ed,

    sleep on and take thy rest; Lay down thy head,

    up-on thy Saviour’s breast;

    We love thee well, but Je-sus loves thee best,

    Good-night – 3x


  1. Calm is thy slum-ber as an in-fant’s sleep;

    But thou shalt wake no more to toil and weep:

    Thine is a per-fect rest,

    se-cure and deep, Good-night – 3x


  1. Un-til the shad-ows from this earth are cast,

    Until He gath-ers in His sheaves at last;

    Until the twi-light gloom be o-ver past,

    Good-night – 3x


  1. Until the Eas-ter glo-ry lights the skies,

    Until the dead in Jesus shall arise,

    And He shall come, but not in lowly guise,

    Good-night – 3x


  1. Until made beau-ti-ful by love Devine Thou,

    in the like-ness of thy Lord shalt shine,

    And he shall bring that golden crown of thine,

    Good-night – 3x

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