Tetris Piano sheet music “Tetris Theme Korobeiniki” in PDF & MP3

tetris piano sheet music pdf mp3

Tetris Piano sheet music is a lovely music piece. Korobeiniki is popularly known as Tetris theme music, and I will reveal the link to download the sheet music on this page. I uncovered a link to download Runaway Aurora Piano sheet music in PDF & MP3 in my last post.

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tetris piano sheet music pdf mp3

The History of the Tetris Theme Music (Tetris Piano sheet music)

The Korobeiniki poem was translated into English by Vladimir Mayakovsky in 1925 and was then set to music by the Russian composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The song was first published as a single in 1926 and remained popular for several decades before being re-recorded and released as the official Tetris theme.

The melody “Korobeiniki” is adapted to Nikolay Nekrasov’s poetry of the same name, first published in the Sovremennik journal in 1861. Because of its growing speed and related dance style, it rapidly became a popular Russian musical genre.

In pre-revolutionary Russia, korobeiniki were peddlers with trays who sold fabric, haberdashery, books, and other minor products.

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In Nekrasov’s considerably lengthier poem, a young peddler seduces a peasant girl named Katya one night in a rye field. In exchange for a kiss and, it is assumed, sexual favors, he offers her some of his merchandise as a gift.

She refuses all of his presents save one, a turquoise ring, believing that having his goods but not him would be terrible. When he returns after selling his things at the market the next morning, he promises to marry her.

The song’s narrative finishes here, while the poem closes with the peddler being robbed and slain by a forest ranger whom he asks for directions while coming home with the proceeds from his successful day at the market. The music was used as a soundtrack for the gameplay Tetris in the year1989.

In addition to Korobeiniki, several other versions of the Tetris theme song are floating around there. The version most commonly heard today is from 1984, titled “Tetris,” composed by Soviet composer Igor Stravinsky.

This version is often played at Tetris tournaments around the world! As one can imagine, I would have preferred a more orchestral version of the song for this assignment than that funky synthesized piece from 1984.

Beyond the domain of video games, artists are reworking the Tetris theme in novel ways. For instance, a Vlogger known as “Smooth McGroove” recreated the Tetris song using solely his distinctive, layered acapella technique. At the same time, other musicians, such as Dave Wave, gave the song their touch, including a rapid Ragtime performance of the Tetris theme on piano.

Now that you know where the song originates from mention Korobeiniki to your friends to impress them. After all, who can resist a fun round of Tetris trivia?

I’ll be back with many more funny Tetris facts in the next weeks! For the time being, turn up the volume and enjoy the fantastic Tetris soundtrack while you strive for a personal best.

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