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Star Spangled Banner sheet music is a popular song sung by the United State America. Which refers to United States Nation Anthem. The lyrics were written by a 35-year-old lawyer “Francis Scott Key.” It also derived from the Defence of Fort M Henry. In my last post, I revealed a link to download O Holy Night sheet music, which is also enjoyable.
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A short history about Star Spangled Banner sheet music by Stafford Smith

A British composer “John Stafford Smith” composed the music score while Francis wrote the Lyrics. The music lyrics were written as a poem in the year 1814 of September 14th. It was written by a famous amateur poet, lawyer, and American slaveowner “Francis Scott Key.” The United States of America consists of 15 stripes and 15 stars which commonly known as the Great Garrison Flag. It was inspired by Francis and come out in the composition of the poem. The words were written to the music of a well-known British tune by famous Musicologist “Stafford Smith.” It actually was composed for the prominent gentlemen’s club known as Anacreontic Society. The music gained recognition by USN “United States Navy” in the year 1889 for official use. An American Politician, Lawyer “Thomas Woodrow Wilson”. which was American President in 1916, made it a national anthem in 1931. Prior to the year 1931, Various songs performed as US officialdom Hymns. Various Hymns such as My Country ‘Tis of Thee’, Hail, Columbia, and God Save the Queen. Star Spangled Banner sheet music_USA National Anthem_kongashare.com_music

John Stafford Smith Biography [Star Spangled Banner sheet music composer]

John Smith was born in the year 1750 of March 30th and death in 1836, September 21st. He’s a well-known British composer, musicologist, and also church organist. John was recognized as one of the contributors to Johann Sebastian Bach’s works. "Star John was well recognized for his composition for “To Anacreon in Heaven.” This music became a known tune for the American Anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” in 1931.

John Smith – Early Life & Education

Smith was baptized in the Cathedral Church of St Peter, which well known as Gloucester Cathedral in 1750 of March 30th. His father, “Martin Smith,” was a formal organist of the cathedral between 1743 and 1782. John was a student at The King’s School, Gloucester, which later becomes a choir boy. He then pursues his profession as a singer at the Chapel Royal London, which was a mentor under William Boyce. In the year 1770, He as been recognized as a prominent Organist and Music composer. He was appointed as a member of a Gentlemen’s club of amateur musicians, “Anacreontic Society.” He was choosing among his members, such as James Boswell, Dr. Johnson, and Joshua Reynolds. In the same year, John wrote music for the society’s membership tune “To Anacreon in Heaven.” The lyrics of the song were written by the society president “Ralph Tomlinson.” In the year 1802, He works as an organist at Chapel Royal and also an Adult musician in 1805. He later became the Vicar choral of Collegiate Church of Saint Peter Westminster Abbey. He died at the age of 66 in 1836 and was buried at the Cathedral church of st peter “Gloucester cathedral.”
Date of Birth 30th of March 1750
Nationality British Citizen
Occupation Church Organist, Musicologist, and British composer
Best Known works The Anacreontic Song
John Father’s name Martin Smith
Date of Death 21st of September 1836
Buried Place Gloucester Cathedral
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