Stairway to Heaven sheet music (Led Zeppelin music score) in PDF and MP3

Stairway to Heaven sheet music (Led Zeppelin music score) in PDF and MP3

Stairway to Heaven sheet music – Led Zeppelin music score is another lovely piano music sheet, and you will love playing on the piano. On this page, you will be able to download the music score in pdf and mp3. And in my last post, I revealed a link to download Game of Thrones Piano Sheet Music pdf and lyrics.

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  • Download Stairway to Heaven piano sheet music in pdf

A short history about Stairway to Heaven sheet music by Led Zeppelin

Stairway to Heaven is a lovely track by the English group band, Led Zeppelin that was released in the year 1971. The music was originally written by Robert Plant – a vocalist and Jimmy Page – A guitarist for the band named Led Zeppelin IV. The track was recognized as the best rock song of all time.   stairway to heaven sheet music

The track was arranged in three segments, each part increasing in volume and tempo. The music “Stairway to Heaven” starts with recorders and guitar in a slow tempo and is later added with electronic instruments.
The tune of Stairway to Heaven was started in the year 1970 December at Island Records in the United Kingdom. And the conclusion of the music was completed by Robert Plant during the era for Led Zeppelin IV at Hampshire in the year 1971.
Composer Led Zeppelin
Composed December 1970
Studio Island Studios in London
Released 8th of November, 1971
Genre Hard rock, Folk rock, and Progressive rock
Songwriter(s) Robert Plant and Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin Biography [Stairway to Heaven sheet music composer]

Led Zeppelin was a group rock band that was set up in the year 1968 in The United Kingdom, London. The band was formed by four professional instrumentalists. Named Jimmy Page – Guitarist, Robert Plant – Vocalist, John Bonham – Drummer, and John Paul Jones – Keyboardist/bassist. They majorly work on folk music and blues. After the changing of the name from New Yardbirds. The band signed a contract with Atlantics Records that makes them focus on artistic freedom. Stairway to Heaven sheet music by Led Zeppelin


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