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Shipping companies must carry out their duties and responsibilities accurately to ensure customer satisfaction. In this post, we have compiled a list of the duties of a shipping company toward its customers. 

Duties of a Shipping Company to their Customers

It is no news that organizations should consider their customers’ satisfaction to ensure a continual and cordial relationship between both parties. Customer satisfaction is paramount when handling any form of business.

 For shipping companies, customer satisfaction is one of the factors that will make or mar such companies. Let’s quickly read through some of the duties of a shipping company toward their customers.

Shipping Company

Responsibilities of Shipping Companies to Their Customers

If a person has decided to go with a particular shipping company out of the numerous companies, here’s a list of duties to be rendered to such sweet customers.

1. Pick-up Duties

An express delivery company should ensure pick-up services for their customers. Indeed, many customers need to become more familiar with how these things work, and it’d be much easier if goods were picked up from wherever they are being sent to reduce customer stress.

2. Doorstep Delivery 

Another duty of a shipping company to their customers is ensuring their packages are delivered to their doorstep. This will boost the morale of customers to make more transactions with the companies. Shipping companies must deliver these goods, regardless of location, to reduce their customers’ further stress.

3. Packages Clearing

Shipping companies provide the necessary documents for smooth package clearing by their customers. The bill of landing should be complete, along with customs documents at the origin and destination.

4. Shipping Duration and Route

Shipping companies inform customers how long the packages will take to reach their destination and the route. Customers deserve to know this much, at least. This will give customers the correct statistics on when their goods will be delivered.

5. Proper Package Handling

Shipping companies should carefully and properly handle their customers’ packages to prevent loss or damage. Customers should rest assured when they trust any shipping company with their packages.

6. Zero Segregation

As a shipping company, we must ensure we do not discriminate among customers based on their packages’ size. Fees can indeed differ, but customers should always be treated right, regardless of packages.

Shipping Company


Aside from the actual responsibilities of shipping companies, there are other duties that shipping companies should ensure their customers do not lack.

 At Terminal Africa Inc., we offer international express delivery services in Nigeria and ensure all these duties and more are included for all our customers. Once again, you can always go right with Terminal Africa. And as they say, customers always have their rights. 


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