She Used to be Mine “Sara Bareilles” sheet music in PDF

She Used to be Mine "Sara Bareilles" sheet music in PDF

She Used to Be Mine sheet music is a lovely music piece. The music was composed by well known American songwriter “Sara Bareilles.” It was officially composed for the waitress and released in the year 2015 on September 25th. In my last post, I revealed a link to download Colors of the Wind sheet music.

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A short history of She Used to be Mine by Sara Bareilles

The music was written by well recognized American actress and songwriter, “Sara Beth Bareilles.” The song was recorded by Sara for her 5th CDs album “Songs from Waitress” in 2015.

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It was produced by Neal Avron and Sara and officially released on the 25th of September, 2015.

Music Composer Sara Bareilles
Music Producer’s Neal Avron and Sara
Music Label Epic Records
Duration 4:10
Music Genre Pop-rock

Soul music

Released Date 25th of September 2015

Sara Bareilles Biography [She Used to Be Mine Sheet Music composer]

Sara Beth Bareilles was born in the year 1979 of December 7th. She’s well recognized American music producer, author, actress, and music composer. She has released many of her studio albums, such as Careless Confessions(2004) and Little Voice(2007).

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Sara Bareilles
Birth Name Sara Beth Bareilles
Occupation Songwriter


Music Producer


Genres Pop rock



Label Epic Records
Instrument Ukulele



Years of Active Since 1998 till present
Parent Name’s Paul Bareilles and Bonnie Halvorsen

Early Life

Sara was born in Humboldt Country in the year 1979 of December 7th. She was the third daughter of Paul Bareilles (Father) and Bonnie Halvorsen(Mother). Her Father “Paul” works as an insurance adjuster while Her Mother “Bonnie” works as a funeral home worker.

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