Samaya White Biography, Age, Career, Wiki and Net Worth

Samaya White Biography, Age, Career, Wiki and Net Worth

Samaya White is the daughter of a well-recognized American writer, actor, comedian, and producer “Jaleel White.” Jaleel White had the little with his formal girlfriend “Bridget Hardy” in the year 2009. I will reveal the full Samaya White Biography, Age, Career, Wiki and Net Worth on this page with the unknown fact about her. In my last post, I announced the full Harry Styles Biography, Age, and Net Worth.

There are many questions asked online about Harry Styles.

  • Who is samaya white parents?
  • What is samaya white real age?
  • What is samaya white height?
  • What is Samaya White Dog name?
  • What is samaya white net worth?

Short History About Samaya White

Samaya White was born in the year 2009 by Bridget Hardy and Jaleel white. There’s little information about Samaya online due to her age and best known due to his dad’s profession.

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Jeleel “father” has appeared in many TV shows and movies such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Total Blackout, etc.

Top Fact About Samaya White

Full Name Samaya White
Date of Birth 2009 [12 age]
Occupation’s  –
Parent’s Status Separate
Father’s Name Jaleel Ahmad White
Mother’s Name Bridget Hardy
Marital Status Single
Samaya White Net Worth $8 million

Who are Samaya white parents?

Many questions as been asked online about Samaya’s parents. Her parents are Jaleel Ahmad White and Bridget Hardy.

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Jaleel & Bridget Hardy

About Samaya White Parent

Jaleel White was born in 1976 on November 27th in the city of Los Angeles, California. His father “Michael White” works as a dentist while his mother “Gail White” works as a homemaker.

Samaya White Biography Age Net Worth_kongashare.com_mo
Samaya & Jaleel

Jaleel started his career acting as a child, which appeared on TV commercials at the tender age of 3. He started his whole career in 1984 and is well known as an American writer, producer, and actor.

Full Name Jaleel Ahmad White
Date of Birth 27th of November, [44 age]
Occupation’s Writer, Comedian, Actor, and Producer
State & Country Culver City, California
Father’s Name Michael White
Mother’s Name Gail White
Marital Status Divorced
Jaleel White Net Worth $12 million

Bridget Hardy is a well-known American actress who was featured in movies such as Pirate of Penzance in 2001. She also appeared in the movie “Princess Ida” in the year 2003. She was born in the year 1981 in Marcia, which is 40 as of 2021.

Samaya White Height

Samaya white height is 3 ft 9 in

Samaya white net worth

As of 2021 Samaya net worth is $8 Million


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