Revenge Minecraft Lyrics with Sheet Music in PDF & MP3

Revenge Minecraft Lyrics with Sheet Music in PDF & MP3

Here is a lovely music score of Revenge Minecraft Lyrics sheet music. I provided the music sheet in pdf and also listen to the music in mp3. In my last post, I revealed the link to download Mary Did You Know sheet music.

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A short history of Revenge Minecraft Lyrics with Sheet Music

Revenge Minecraft song was released in mid-2011 with an animation video. It was produced by an American gamer commentator, Electronic musician, and Youtuber “Jordan Maron”.

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The track gained millions of views on Youtube after the release. The song was arranged after four years due to copyright. And as of 2018, the track falls back to its normal state.

The track was relaunched in the year 2019 with fantastic Discord games, which attract many more views. The Revenge Minecraft sheet music was released with the opening words “Creeper, aw man.” It actually wants people to complete the terms by themselves.


Jordan Maron Biography [Revenge Minecraft Lyrics with Sheet Music composer]

Jordan Maron is a well known American electronic musician, Game commentator, and Youtube. He’s professionally known as CaptainSparkiez for the video game Minecraft. The Minecraft featured as the main track on his channels “CaptainSparklez” and “CaptainSparklez 2”.

Revenge Minecraft Lyrics by captainsparklez_kongashare.com_mh

CaptainSparklez was featured as one of the most subscribed channels of the 25th of July 2019 on Youtube. He created his first known channel, “ProsDONTtalkSHIT,” in the year 2010 of February. Gameplay from his best video games such as Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty featured on the channel.

Music Songwriter & Composer Jordan Maron
Nationality American
Occupation Game commentator, Youtuber & Musician
Residence Los Angeles
Years active 2010 till present
Genre Comedy & Let’s Play
Youtube channel name CaptainSparklez

Jordan was born in the city of Los Angeles in the Pacific Region of the United States “Califonia”. Jordan and his mother were relocated to Santa Barbara at the age of four. He enrolled at Santa Barbara Senior High School in grade nine. He studied Chemical Engineering course at the University of Califonia which later switch course to Computer Science.

VIDEO PERFORMANCE of Revenge Minecraft Lyrics & sheet music below


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