Patty Gardell Biography | Billy Gardell Wife, Age, Wiki, and Net Worth

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Patty Gardell Biography | Billy Gardell Wife, Age, Wiki, and Net Worth. Patty Knight Gardell (known as Patty Steele) became famous as the wife of actor and comedian Billy Gardell. People became interested in Patty’s husband after he played a popular police officer on the sitcom My Name Is Earl. Patty and her husband Billy had a great marriage for almost 20 years, growing closer to each other.

Patty Gardell Biography

Who is Patty Gardell?

Patty Gardell is the wife of American entertainer and actor Billy Gardell. Patty Gardell, the stunning wife of stand-up legend Billy Gardell, is now a successful comic in her own right. Together for almost 16 years.

She has been an inspiration and a source of great pride in Billy’s accomplishments. Patty has spent her whole life here in the States. She’s a full-time stay-at-home mom, so she does nothing except take care of her family. William Gardell is Patty and Billy’s only child. To put it simply, he entered the world in 2004.

She chooses to be a full-time homemaker. Patty helps with the care of her family and maintains the house. Patty was born in the USA and now has American citizenship. Her husband, Billy, is an actor, comedian, and game show presenter.

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The wife and husband dated for many years before getting married. Currently, Patty Gardell is not featured in Wikipedia. Her husband’s Wikipedia page does, however, include some information about her.

Who is Patty Gardell Husband ? Billy Gardell

Actor and comedian Billy Gardell have achieved widespread recognition. Also, he does voice acting and hosts game shows. In Mike & Molly, he is featured as a police officer.  He has played many parts in numerous films.

He has had the privilege of appearing in several movies. ‘My Name is Earl,’ in which he portrayed a police officer, is only one example. The voice of Santa Claus in “Ice Age” and Lyle Winkler in “Sullivan’s Son” were both performed by Gardell, who has also performed as a voice actor.

Gardell was born on August 20th in the year, 1969. He was born in a little hamlet in Pennsylvania called Swissvale, not far from Pittsburgh. Specifically, he attended the Winter Park High School in Orange County, Florida.

In 1985, to be precise. A family divorce left him in Florida with his siblings and mother. Her husband is health-conscious and has dropped a lot of weight since he developed diabetes and is battling the disease.

How Old is Patty Gardell ?

How old is Patty Gardell? Her birth date is in the year 1980. Currently, she has reached the ripe old age of 42 in the year 2022. She was born in a different country but now calls America home. Aries is her zodiac sign of birth. She has had an American background since she was born there.

The Duo Are Together Since 1999

Though Patty and her husband Billy haven’t spoken since they met, they’ve been married since 1999. It was obvious when Patty shared a sweet photo of the couple online. 2016 will be their 17th Valentine’s Day together. That was “our 17th Valentine’s Day together,” as she captioned the photo. After dating for nearly a year, the couple finally engaged in early to mid-2001.

In 2003, Billy Gardell and his wife Patty welcomed their first child, a boy they named William III. The three are often seen out and about, having a fantastic time together in many different settings. When Patty, her husband, and their kid made their public debut in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, in 2013, they were met with a lot of attention. The current location of Patty Gardell’s son is in Studio City, CA.

Patty Gardell Weight Loss

The weight problem that Billy, Patty’s boyfriend, had been dealing with from an early age hampered their relationship. The actor reached a peak weight of 350 pounds.

Still, Gardell did a lot of work to reduce his size later in life. Billy first saw a dietitian, then participated in weight loss exercises. He was able to lose forty-five pounds.

Patty Gardell Social Media

Patty has had a private life, as she befits the wife of a famous person. She has no interest in using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Her husband, Billy Gardell, is quite the social media guru. He follows roughly 346 individuals on Twitter and is followed by about 54k people.

Patty Gardell Net Worth

Gardell shares much information regarding her husband Billy’s work life. She has an equal financial stake in her husband’s business. Billy, the celebrity, has toiled so hard to provide for his famous family.

Anybody may learn from his example that with dedication and perseverance, the sky’s the limit. As of 2021, Billy, Patty’s spouse, is expected to have a net worth of around $10 million.

Frequently asked Questions

Who is Patty Gardell?

Patty is a famous American celebrity who became well-known after she wed Billy Gardell.

How old is Patty Gardell?

Patty Gardell was born in 1980, and as of 2022, she is 42 years old.

Who is Billy Gardell’s wife?

Patty Gardell is the name of Billy’s spouse.

What does Patty Gardell do?

For the time being, Patty Gardell’s actual line of work remains a mystery.

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