Patrick Swayze Son – The Truth about Jason Whittle

Patrick Swayze Son - The Truth about Jason Whittle

Here is the full Biography of Patrick Swayze Son. Jason Whittle Swayze, the American football star son of the former Hollywood legend Patrick Swayze: The Refusal of His Family Property & More details below.

Patrick Swayze Son - The Truth about Jason Whittle

Who is Patrick Swayze’s son?

There’s a question asked online, does Patrick Swayze have a son? Jason Whittle Swayze is the sole child of Patrick Swayze, the late American actor. When it was announced that Patrick had a kid, the Hollywood world was taken aback, and rumours stated that Jason was a lovechild.

Patrick Swayze Son - The Truth about Jason Whittle

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Jason was allegedly the result of a one-night relationship between Patrick Swayze, then 20 years old, and Bonnie Kay, who was underage. According to reports, Bonnie died of cancer in 2012; however, she notified him about their child before she died.

At first, Jason was not thought to be the celebrity’s offspring. On the other hand, he underwent a DNA test to verify his innocence. Patrick’s wife, Lisa Niemi, asserts that Patrick never had a son and that the accusations were fraudulent.

What is Patrick Swayze Son Career??

Jason is a retired football player from the United States. He started playing high school football and continued to do so in college at Southwest Missouri State, where he played guard. You may like Barbara Roufs. He made it big in the NFL after leaving his college club and played for the New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Minnesota Vikings, and Buffalo Bills.

Osage Beach, Missouri-based real estate agent John Swayze has added the Swayze name to his own. I know the little information here will give doubt to the question “does patrick swayze have a son ?.”

Is Jason Whittle Swayze married?

Jason has a happy marriage. Natalie Whittle is his wife’s name. They would rather live a quiet life away from the spotlight. There are no specifics concerning their wedding or marriage. Jason and Natalie have six children, four daughters, and two sons. He and his family presently live in Missouri.

Patrick Swayze Son - The Truth about Jason Whittle

Patrick Swayze Left an Inheritance With Jason

We all remember that he usually leaves his estate to his son when a father passes away. In Jason’s instance, he’s supposed to be entitled to a $41 million endowment. However, Patrick Swayze’s wife argued that the assets belong to her because Jason is not Patrick’s biological son and hence had no claim to Patrick’s assets.

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