Part of Your World sheet music “From The Little Mermaid” in PDF

Here is Part of your world sheet music is a lovely music piece. The song lyrics were written by well-known American stage director “Howard Elliott Ashman.” You will be able to download the Part of your world music score with lyrics on this page. In my last post, I posted a link to download the Christmas song pdf.

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 A short history about Part of Your World sheet music

Part of your world sheet music was composed by a recognized American music director “Alan Menken.” The song was majorly written for Disney’s animated featured in the movie “The Mermaid” in 1989. The song’s lyrics also composed by a recognized American stage director and lyricist “Howard Ashman.”

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After the release, The music was firstly performed by an American actress with Jodi Benson. Part of your world is well recognized internationally, including the film and the music. Many media publications across the globe admit that the song among the Disney songs.

Music Composer Alan Irwin Menken
Lyricist Howard Elliott Ashman
Recorded Date 16th of August, 1989
Released Date 13th of October, 1989
Label Walt Disney Records
Music Duration 3:16
Music Producer Ashman

The song was the first music from Alan Menken, and Howard Ashman wrote for The Little Mermaid in 1986.

Alan Menken Biography [Part of Your World  sheet music composer]

Alan Irwin Menken is a well-recognized American songwriter, music conductor, director, and producer. He was best known for his contribution to Walt Disney Animation Studios. You can read the full Alan Menken Biography HERE.

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Alan Menken

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