Did You Know An Old Schnapp Bottle Costs Around $25,000?

Did You Know An Old Schnapp Bottle Costs Around $25,000

Did You Know An Old Schnapp Bottle Costs Around $25,000? Have any empty schnapps bottles lain around? Possibly as much as $25,000, if this is the case.

The current retail price of this antique schnapps bottle is $25,000. It has a 3-pence coin or 2 eagles on the side or all around the bottle.

Nonetheless, I do need to inquire about several things. Why is it that these unique bottles are in such great demand? What purpose do they serve? Why are people driving all across Africa trying to find them to buy? I don’t see why they’re willing to pay so much for a used schnapps bottle. If the bottle is put to some questionable use, the buyer can recoup even half of their initial investment. The question is, “What good would it do?” Do you not see this as a con?

Experience In finding Old Schinapp

Every gossip has a grain of truth to it. A buddy back in Ghana informed me of the high cost of those bottle dregs. He promised me a hundred thousand dollars if I could make one. What the heck am I thinking? I questioned, “what utter foolishness.

How could an empty schnapps container be sold for so much money?” He vowed that bringing such a bottle to a major metropolitan area would provide returns up to four times as high.

However, why is this bottle so special? When my buddy first informed me about the bottle and its price, I foolishly warned him that anyone who drank from it would have bad luck visiting their descendants.

Let’s track down the people paying such a high amount for the bottles and ask them whether they think it’s worth it, and if so, for what purpose…

When I initially began investigating, I turned to online discussion groups. A guy was willing to pay $5,000 for this bottle, and I found him (can you imagine). His letter, concluding with the words “This is a serious issue,” included his contact information.

Did You Know An Old Schnapp Bottle Costs Around $25000

The guy was obviously in need of the items, but his asking price was much below what a friend had informed me they were worth.

After further research, I discovered that these vintage schnapps bottles could be storing red mercury.

Old Schinapp and Red mercury

This is what you should know, according to Wikipedia:

Red mercury is a made-up chemical whose composition is unknown and said to have been employed in developing the atomic bomb and other types of weaponry. A common theme among the samples taken from detained would-be terrorists was the presence of worthless red dyes or powders, which some speculate were being marketed as part of an effort to expose possible nuclear smugglers. First reported in 1979, the hoax was widely debated in the media into the 1990s, with inflated reports of $5000 per kilogram costs.

Wow!! Price of $500,000 per kg. A pal once asked me to get some red mercury for him. I inquired about its intended use, and he said, “Oh! It’s nothing I’d use outside of my head.

How hilarious! Right?

Since this, I realized that it was possible to find mercury in an antique sewing machine because I had previously found red mercury in an old schnapps bottle.

The dated sewing machine, if you please. Similar to the one up there…

Singer sewing machines

Anne Marie’s research on red mercury claims that

Many Saudis are presently on the lookout for pre-owned Singer sewing machines due to fears that they contain the toxic metal red mercury. The origin of this myth and the much stranger one. That you can use your phone to recognize the presence of red mercury in a sewing machine is known for certain. According to the legend, if you put your phone too close to the needle of a sewing machine that employs red mercury, your signal will go out.

The meaning of “red mercury” has eluded me. It’s an urban legend that, based on who you talk to. This mysterious material may either be used to create nuclear bombs, drive away bad spirits, or lead you to hidden wealth. Red mercury has never been definitively shown to exist outside cinnabar’s forms. Vermilion, mercury sulfide (HgS), and mercury(II) iodide (HgI). All of these may be purchased without needing a sewing machine at much-reduced costs. However, you can get more than you bargained for if you put your vintage Singer up for sale on eBay. It would help if you waited until the fraud ended before spending money on an antique Singer.



We can’t speak from experience on the product’s sales, but what is being said here rings true to an extent. Like the old sewing machines, the old schnapps bottle is now considered an antique and is thus worth a considerable sum of money.

Therefore, if your ancestors have left behind empty schnapps bottles or old sewing machines, you should not overlook or underestimate their utility but rather see it as an opportunity, as there is now a rush for such merchandise.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we should blindly believe everybody who offers to purchase. I recommend market research if you’re serious about selling such a thing. You can test the goods and list them on a reputable online marketplace such as eBay or Amazon.

If you have this bottle or come across it, You can make good money with it. I have ready buyers for the items. You can call or chat me up on whatsapp with +2348119999209 or send mail to info@kongashare.com for more information.

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