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Ode to Joy is a piece of popular sheet music called “An die Freude” in German. Ode music was composed in the year 1785 and was published in 1786. A well-known German playwriter composed it. Philosopher, German poet, and physician Johann Christoph Friedrich. In my last post, I revealed a link to download Dancing in the moonlight music sheet.

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A short history of Ode to Joy sheet music

Ode to Joy is best known by a German pianist & composer “Ludwig Van Beethoven.” This can be found in his fourth movement of the Symphony No.9 works. The first verses of the poem were written by SWchiller when he resides in Leipzig, Germany. In May 1785, he was scouting with his publisher “Georg Goschen” in Leipzig.

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In the year 1808, Friedrich edited the poem and republished.

Original name in GermanAn die Freude
Music words were written byJohann Christoph Friedrich
Year of Written1785
Publication CountryGermany
Publication datethe year 1786 and the year 1808

Friedrich Schiller Biography [Ode to Joy sheet music composer]

Friedrich Schiller is a well-known German philosopher, historian, poet, and Physician. Born in the year 1759 and pass out in the year 1805 of May 9th. During his year, between 1788 and 1805, he made a friendship with a German writer “Johann Wolfang.”

Ode to Joy sheet music _Friedrich Schiller_kongashare.com_score

Early Life & career

Schiller Friedrich was born in the year 1759 of November 10th in the city of Ludwigsburg. His father “Johann Kaspar Schiller” has him as the only son with five daughters. Friedrich was brought up in a religious family and trained reading bible. Studying the bible makes him having a passion for writing for the theatre.

Friedrich Schiller Native nameJohann Christoph Friedrich
Date of Birth10th of November, 1959
Date of Death9th of May, 1805
OccupationHistorian, Poet, Philosopher and writer
Schiller parent’s nameJohann Kaspar Schiller and Elisabeth Dorothea
Schiller wife nameCharlotte von Legefeld
Famous  worksDon Calos, Ode to Joy, William Tell, The Robbers
Literary movementWeimar Classicism and Sturm und Drang
Schiller’s Children’sKaroline Luise Friederike, Karl Ludwig Friedrich, Emilie Henriette Luise and Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm

Marriage & family

Friedrich was married with Charlotte Luise Antoinette in the year 1790 of Febuary 22nd. He had two daughter which were Karoline Henriette Luise and Luise Emilie Henriette. Also had two sons which were Ernst Wihelm Friedrich and Karl Ludwig Friedrich.

Schiller Friedrich works

DemetriusUnfinished work
Wllhelm Tell1804
Die Braut von Messina1803
Die Jungfrau von Orleans1801
Don Carlos1787
Kabale und Liebe1784
The Robbers1781
Maria Stuart1800

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