O Holy Night Sheet music for Piano – Cantique de Noël

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O Holy Night sheet music is a well-known music score and popularly sang at Christmas time. The music is also referred to as Cantique de Noël and composed by Adolphe Charles Adam. I will be revealing the link to download the music sheet and video performance below. In my last post, I publish a link to download Peace In Christ sheet music.

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    • Download Cantique de Noël piano sheet in pdf and mp3

A short history about O Holy Night sheet music by Adolphe Adam

O Holy Night sheet music was written by a famous prolific composer, “Adam Adolphe,” in the year 1847. He mainly composed of a French poet and author of Minuit, Christians by Placide Cappeau in the year 1808 – 1877.

A church in a small town of southern France was recently renewed and modernize its church organ. The priest convinces a famous french poet, “Placide Cappeau,” to compose a Christmas song to celebrate the renovation. Later find out Adolphe Adam as written the music.

O Holy Night Sheet music for Piano - Cantique de Noël in PDF & MP3


Adolphe Adam Biography [O Holy Night sheet music composer]

Adam Adolphe was named Adolphe Charles Adam from birth and born in the year 1803 of July 24th. He was birth to the family of a famous piano virtuoso and music teacher, “Louis Jean Adam.” Louis was also an acclaimed Alsatian author and a teacher at a College of Music “Conservatoire de Paris.”

Download O Holy Night sheet music  - Adolphe Charles Adam biography_kongashare.com-min
Adolphe Charles Adam

His mum was a little girl from a medical professional. At the tender age, Adam liked to acknowledge music by himself instead of studying music in school. With absentee with a french novelist and author “Marie-Joseph,” who also known as Eugene.

His dad “Jean Adam” was a recognized Pianist and also a teacher. But unhappy seeing his son following his footstep as a musician. He later started the music composition secretly under the tutoring of a songwriter, “Louis Joseph Ferdinand.”

At the age of seventeen, Adam was allowed to study music at Conservatoire de Paris “College of Music.” He was admitted to the College of Music in the year 1821. where he learns how to play keyboard and pump organ under well-known French Mozart “Francois Boieldieu.”

He also played kettledrums in the Conservatoire band, where he earned the second position at the Prix de Rome. He started composing music for Comedie en vaudeville at the tender age of twenty.

Adam died in the year 1856 of May 3rd (53years) and buried at the Cemetery of Montmartre in Paris.

VIDEO PERFORMANCE of O Holy Night piano below



You can view the music score below or zoom to play online.

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