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Mii channel sheet music (Kazumi Totaka music score) in PDF and MP3

Mii channel sheet music is a piece of beautiful piano music. That initially written and scored by a well known Japanese video game composer named Kazumi Totaka. The movement of this music is superb. You can easily play with the sheet music or download the music score below. You can also find a link to download Rejoice in the Lord always sheet music in pdf and mp3.

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Mii channel sheet music (Kazumi Totaka music score) in PDF and MP3

A short history of Mii channel sheet music

Nintendo’s Mii music was covered by video game enthusiasts and musicians which was composed by Kazumi Totaka.

The game of this music can be played on 66 music instruments such as saxophone, piano, violin, guitar, drum, flute, harp, harmonica, sitar, maracas, marimba, and clarinet.

The game was later released in North America and also Japan in the year 2009 of October. It also released in Australia and Europe the next month.

Kazumi Totaka Biography [Mii channel sheet music composer]

Mii channel sheet music (Kazumi Totaka music score) in PDF and MP3

Kazumi Totaka

He was born in the year 1967 of August 23. He’s one of the best known Japanese video game composers. And also a sound director which as composed various Nintendo games.

Date of Birth1967 of August 23
OccupationMusic composer, Voice actor and sound director
InstrumentsBass, Piano, Guitar and Vibraphone
GenresVideo, Music, Jazz and Game
Years activeFrom 1990 to present

He also a professional in voice acting which as performed in Mario series at the same time directed Wii Music. He as written and composed much music such as:

Works of Kazumi TotakaFeaturesReleased Year
Mario PaintRyoji Yoshitomi and Hirokazu Tanaka1992
Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru-1992
Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins-1992
Tetris and Dr. MarioYumiko Kameya and Hirokazu Tanaka1994
Virtual Boy Wario Land-1995
Wave Race 64- 1996
Yoshi's Story-1997
Mario Artist: Polygon Studio-1999
Mario Artist: Paint StudioSuddi Raval, Chris Jojo and Martin Goodall1999
Mario Artist: Talent StudioToru Minegishi and Kenta Nagata2000
Machop at WorkYasushi Ida and Takuto Kitsuta2001
Luigi's MansionShinobu Tanaka2001
Kingler's DayYasushi Ida and Takuto Kitsuta2001
Animal CrossingShinobu Tanaka, Kenta Nagata and Toru Minegishi2001
Yoshi Touch & GoToru Minegishi and Asuka Ohta2005
Animal Crossing: Wild WorldAsuka Ohta2005
Default Wii Channels-2006
Wii Sports-2006
Wii Sports Club-2014
Yoshi's Woolly World Main Theme only2015
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer-2015
Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly WorldMain Theme only2017

VIDEO PERFORMANCE of a mii theme piano sheet music


You can play with the music sheet on the display or download the music in pdf and in mp3 below.

Get the Piano sheet music below:


Get the music in MP3 below:



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