Michael Galeotti | Current Life of Bethany Joy Lenz’s ex-husband

After the separation between the famous American celebrity couple, there have been many rumors and controversies about Bethany Joy lenz’s ex-husband, Michael Galeotti. In this Article, we are going to tell you  everything you want to know about Michael Galeotti. Starting from his early life to what he is currently up to.

michael galeotti

 Micheal’s Galeotti Early life

Michael Galeotti was born on August 28, 1984 by an Belgian /American    couple in Manchester, Missouri, U.S.A. He was raised alongside his other siblings on a long island in a Christian home  by his parents.

Michael Galeotti Education

Michael Geleotti attended both his elementary school and high school on Long Island. He completed his senior high school at Parkway South senior high. He graduated in 2002 at 18 years old. He further decided not to  seek any education further.

 Micheal Galeotti Parents

Michael Galeotti is the son of an American nationality couple: Mike Galeotti and Sheila Galeotti.  Both couples are of Belgian descent , but they have been nationalized by the American government.   The couple got married in 1981. His father,  Mike Galeoti was formerly a marine.  After he  retired from the marine he became  a counselor and Gospel minister of a  ministry.

Michael Galeoti’s  Work Life

Micheal Galeotti joined the Enation band in 2004. He joined at the same time as Amber Sweeney and Daniel Sweat. Jonathan Jackson and Richard lee were already part of the band at the time Michael Galeotti joined. He became famous for being keyboardist and pianist for the band, He quit  the band in 2012.  There are various rumors about him currently  working at the family business, but nothing has been confirmed as of the time of writing this Article.

Michael Galeotti’s Ex Wife, Marriage and Daughter

Michael Galeotti was once  married to Bethany Joy Lenz who is popular in the entertainment industry as a singer, song-writer, actress and a podcast host.  Michael Galeotti has been making news headlines for being a member of the Enation band, but he became more popular. when he married Bethany.  Many would  even argue that his popularity was only tied to his ex- wife.

michael galeotti

Bethany Joy Lenz is 3 years older than Michael Geleotti. She was born in 1981 on April 2 in Florida, Hollywood by cathie lenz and Robert lenz.  The actress was popular for a role she played  in a WB television series’ one tree hill. She played the role of Haley James Scott in the series.

She is the solo artist for the Everly music band.  Bethany Joy Lenz is also a member of the Drama queen podcast. She co-host the podcast alongside her other two co-star actress in the WB television series’ One Tree Hill ‘, Sophie Anna Bush who played the role of Brooke Davis and Hilary Burton Morgan who also played the role of Peyton Sawyer Scott in the series.

Bethany Joy Lenz and Micheal Galeotti got married in 2005. How the couple met is not known, but there are rumors of them meeting at the bar. To the best of our knowledge,  this speculation may not be entirely correct.

They had a small wedding. The only people present at their wedding was their maid of honor  and best man. The reason for the private wedding is publicly unknown. The couple gave birth to a beautiful daughter six years into the marriage.  They gave birth to Maria Rose Galeotti on February 17, 2011.

The couple got divorced in 2012. It was Bethany who first announced their separation. She announced on her social media handle. She claimed that the reason she announced   the divorce was because many people have been asking the reason why she is no longer using her husband’s name.

michael galeotti

After the divorce and several court  cases, Bethany Joy Lenz was  giving the full custody of their daughter because of Micheal’s Galeotti  history of Alcohol.

Controversies and Rumors about Michael Galeotti

Rumor has it that after Michael and Bethany divorced and Bethany got the full custody of their  daughter, Michael did not take it well; he returned into heavy drinking  again. It was this mental breakdown that lead to his reason for quitting the Enation band in 2012. Michael is said to be an Alcohol addict. Although nothing was confirmed, the neighborhood residents  where the ex-couples lived said Bethany divorced Micheal because of his Addiction. The only  thing available   to buttress this rumors   is that Michael has been arrested on multiple  occasions for drinking and driving

His drinking became so excessive that he was rumored to have died in 2016 due to liver failure.  It was later confirmed that Michael Galeotti is not dead. This rumor was fueled by the death of another American celebrity James Geleota who died at that time. The rumour started as a result of the similarity in their last name.

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What has Michael Galeotti been up to?

There has been no record of what Michael has been currently doing or who he is dating since he got divorced and quit the band. There have been no activities  on his social media accounts as well.  No one can say for a fact whether he now has his life together.

 Other facts about Michael Galeotti

There is no official record of how much Michael Galeotti is worth. He is  estimated to be worth about millions of dollars. His zodiac sign is virgo. The color of both his eyes and hair is dark brown. He weighs 70 kg with a height of 17cm. He is from a family of four children and his other siblings are also male.


  • Age – 38 years( as at november 20222)
  • Religion – christianity
  • Ethnicity – Jewish
  • Marital status- divorced
  • Siblings- three (all male)
  • Profession – former musician
  • Heights -170cm
  • Weight -70kg
  • Children -1
  • Nationality- American
  • Zodiac sign- virgo
  • Gender— male
  • S*xaul frontage– straight
  • Ex wife– Bethany Joy lenz


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