Download Free Methodist hymn book with tunes in PDF – Music Book

methodist hymn book with tunes

I will be revealing a link on downloading Methodist hymn book with tunes. I mean a complete music book that comes with fantastic music tunes on this page to benefit Kongashare fans. I received many messages through the comment sections and Kongashare fan page to send a link for popular Methodist hymns in PDF. As I reveal the standard Yoruba Hymn Book(YHB), which is popularly known in Nigeria as IOM – Yoruba complete music book.

methodist hymn book with tunes

You will be able to get the Methodist hymn book free download on this page. I mean without paying a dime. Many as been searching to buy offline and online.

Do you know this Methodist hymn book PDF is selling on Amazon for $16.49, which is around ₦5854 in Nigeria money and which you can also get in the country between ₦4000 and ₦5500?

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Many organists find a means of searching the Hymn Book for alternative tunes to play a set tune in service and also, in addition, The hymns by john Wesley as lovely tunes such as RICHMOND, LYDIA, REGENT SQUARE, TE DEUM LAUDAMUS and many more.


Download Sheet Music in PDF below



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