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Megalovania piano notes is a lovely music score. The music was written by a popular game developer and music composer “Tobi Fox.” The song was featured in the Undertale soundtrack as the 100th track. I will uncover a link to download the music sheet in PDF and MP3 format below. I revealed a link to download What Baking Can Do sheet music in PDF & Midi files in my last post.

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A short history of Megalovania Piano Notes [sheet music]

Megalovania, which can be pronounced as me.ɡəlo.ˈveɪ.niə featured in Undertale Soundtrack. The track was also played in the battle against Sans on the Genocide Route.

megalovania piano notes sheet-music


Megalovania piano notes were originally written by American video game developer “Toby Fox.” Toby is popularly known as Radiation’s Halloween Hack for his submission to the 2008 Halloween funfest.

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During the interview with Toby, He stated that the formation of the word “Megalovania” is the merger of Megalomania and Transylvania.

Megalovania Released Date

The track “Megalovania” was released on the 5th of January 2011

Fact About Megalovania Piano Notes

Music Composer Toby Fox “Radiation’s Halloween Hack”
Music Name Megalovania Piano sheet music
Released Date 5th of January 2011
Duration 2:36
Performance Location Genocide Route battle against Sans
Released on album’s Homestuck Vol. 6: Heir Transparent

Toby Fox Biography [Megalovania Piano Notes composer]

Toxy Fox is a well-recognized American music composer and video game developer. He’s well known for his work on developing the games “Undertale and Deltarune.” Tobi has developed video games for Hiveswap, Super Smash Bros, Webcomic Homestuckn, and Little Town Hero.

Toxy Fox Career

Toby started his career by composing tracks for an American artist and author “Andrew Hussie” webcomic Homestuck. He wrote the music during his senior year in secondary school (2009).

About Toxy Fox Key Fact

Birth Name Toby Fox “FwugRadiation”
Occupation Composer and Video Game Developer
Date of Birth October 11, 1991 [29 year]
Member of Group’s Homestuck Music Team
Alma mater Northeastern University
Years of Active From 2009 till present
Development Role’s Developer and Composer


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