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Complete information on Mallory Plotnik, wife of Will Wickham

 Mallory Plotnik is the wife of the famous American gospel artist Will Wickham. Mallory Plotnik’s husband was recently in the news for undergoing vocal cords surgery. We will discuss every detail you need on Mallory Plotnik in this article. Mallory Plotnik has a limited amount of information on her Profile. Most of her information is kept away from the public. We will share the information about her with you in this article and update you whenever other details on her become available. 

Mallory Potnik Early Life

 The wife of the famous American gospel singer was born in 1988. She is currently 35 years of age. The only information available about her date of birth is her birth year. The month and date she was born is not known. We will keep you posted if the information becomes available.  

 Mallory Plotnik is an American who grew up in a Christian background home. There is no information about her family in any public domain. The school she attended during her childhood is also still being determined. There is also no information regarding her family or parents. All we can say is that her last name is Plotnik. Mallory did not adopt his husband’s last name after they got married. 

Mallory Plotnik Career 

 What Mallory Plotnik does for a living is unknown. The only information we have is that she loves dancing and traveling. She is also a devoted Christian like her husband, will Wickham. She is seen many times giving inspirational talks on her husband’s websites. Even though Mallory Plotnik’s profession is unknown, she is reportedly worth approximately 500,000 USD.

 Mallory Plotnik Marriage with Will wickham

Mallory Plotnik is currently married to the famous American worship artist Will Wickham. After many years of dating, the couple married on November 2, 2008. 

Mallory Plotnik Biography

The couple met in San Diego, where Will Willkcham attended high school. After they married, Mallory Plotnik did not change his last name to Will Wickham’s previous name. The reason behind this is unknown. Will and Mallory are now parents to 4 beautiful children. 

 Mallory Plotnik’s Husband: Will Wickham

Will Wickham is the husband of Mallory Plotnik. The couple got married in November 2008. Will is from a Christian background. All of Will’s family is into music except their sister Juillian, who has recently embraced photography.

 Will Wickham was born in County, California, on April 15, 1984. He graduated from Cavalry Christian School in Vista, California. He has two siblings: a male and a female.  

 Will Wickham started his musical career at 13 years old. Various record labels wooed him, but Will released his first song as an independent project when he was 18. He further proceeded to create his record label, INO. His popular hit songs include Safe, Amazing Grace, At Your Name, and When My Heart is Turn Asunder.

 Will Wickhman has won several awards and has been nominated by different music awards platforms. He was once nominated for the Top Christian Album by Billboard Award. He won the 2019 GMA Dove Award as the worship record Award of the year. 

 Mallory’s Husband, Will Wickham, recently said online that he would be undergoing surgery for vocal poly in his vocal cords. After eight weeks of silence, the artists return to the stage. In an interview, will Wickham shared his experience during the surgery and how it was almost like a miracle for him to sing again. Will Wickham said his goal is to continue introducing Christ to people through his music. 

Mallory Plotnik’s children 

 Mallory Plotnik has four children with her husband, will Wickham. The older two of her children are Mabel and Penelope. The most senior, Penelope, was born on September 8, 2011, while the label was in July 2013. There is no information on the other two children. 

mallory plotnik biography

Other Information about Mallory Plotnik

 She is 35 years old and has no social media accounts. Mallory Plotnik is not active on any social media sites. This is because she likes to keep her business private. Mallory has a height of 160cm with a weight of 60kg. The color of her hair is light brown, which is the same color as her eyes. Her zodiac sign is unknown because there is no information on her birth month. 

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Mallory’s Fact & Summary 

 ● Heights: -160cm

● Weight: -60kg

● Career-unknown

● Nationality: American 

● Spouse: – will Wickham(2008)

● Children 4

● Net worth: 500,000 USD 

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