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Linus and lucy sheet music is a lovely piano music score. I believe many pianists as playing music on the piano. Linus and Lucy score was written by American composer “Vince Guaraldi”. The music was purposely composed for Jazz piano and was released in the year 1964. In my last post, I revealed a link to Game of Thrones sheet music.

  • Best of Peanuts Theme Linus and Lucy score in pdf & video performance
  • Download Linus and Lucy music score in pdf and lyrics
  • Download Linus and Lucy score sheet music in pdf and mp3

Linus and Lucy sheet music by Vince Guaraldi PDF

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Let Quickly talk about the source of Linus and Lucy sheet music.

The music “Linus and Lucy” is a well-known jazz piano music. The music was written by well-known American Pianist “Vincent Anthony Dellaglio”. The name of the music was derived from fictional siblings “Linus” and “Lucy van Pelt”.

The music was produced and released on Guaraldi’s Jazz Impressions studio album in the year 1964. It was popularly known internationally in 195.


Vincent Anthony Guaraldi

Music Name

Linus and Lucy

Released Date

December 1964

Recorded Year





Christmas, Jazz, and Boogie-woogie

The music score becomes visible in the year 1965 at “A Charlie Brown Christmas“. Since the release, the music as been featured in many other TV programs. It has gained more exposure and the most recognizable music score by Vince Guaraldi.


Vince Guaraldi Biography [Linus and Lucy sheet music composer]

Vincent Anthony Guaraldi is popularly known as Vince Guaraldi. Guaraldi is a well-known American jazz composer. He’s best in composing music scores for animated television of the Peanuts comic.

One of his compositions “Cast Your Fate to the Wind” earn the Grammy Award in the year 1963.

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Let quickly talk about Vince Guaraldi Early Life.

Vincent was born in the year 1928 on July 17th in San Francisco. His last name Dellagilioe was changed to Guaraldi after the separation of his parents. Her mother “Carmella” divorce his father “Dellagilio” and re-married Tony Guaraldi.

He starts his career as a music composer in the year 1953 of November with Cal Tjader. His first recording was released in the year 1954. In 1955, Vincent released his on tro with Dean Reilly and Eddie Duran.


Vince Guaraldi Death

A day before his death, It was announced not feeling well at Lee Mendelson’s home. His major complaint about his health was chest discomfort. Vincent was passed out after walking around the room. His death was described as an aortic aneurysm or heart attack.

He died in the year 1976 on February 6th and was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in California.

VIDEO PERFORMANCE of Linus and Lucy music score


Get the music score below:


Get the music in MP3 below:


Questions In the Article Are below:



What is the birth name of Vince Guaraldi?

Vincent Anthony Guaraldi

What is the date Vince Guaraldi was born?

Born on the 17th of July 1928

How many wives did Vince Guaraldi have?

One wife

How many children did Vince Guaraldi have?

Two (2) children

Who is Vince Guaraldi wive?

Shirley Moskowitz

Who is the parent of Vince Guaraldi?

Carmella Guaraldi and Tony Guaraldi

When did Vince Guaraldi die?

6th of February 1976

Where did Vince Guaraldi bury?

Holy Cross Cemetery in Colma, California



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