Let It Go Piano Sheet Music “Kristen Anderson Lopez” in PDF

Let It Go Piano Sheet Music “Kristen Anderson Lopez” in PDF
I believe you have heard about this music piece “Let It Go Piano Sheet Music”. In which I believe you will love to download. The lovely music score was composed by well-known husband and wife “Kristen Anderson Lopez & Robert Lopez”. The music piece will be revealed in PDF and MP3 format below. In my last post, I revealed the link to download Nuvole Bianche Sheet Music in pdf and mp3.
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  • Download let it go score sheet music in pdf and mp3

Let It Go Piano Sheet Music by Kristen Anderson Lopez & Robert Lopez PDF preview

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Let Quickly talk about the source of Let It Go Piano Sheet Music.

The music Let It Go piano sheet music was written by a well-known song composer group “Kristen Anderson Lopez & Robert Lopez”. The tune was from the 2013 Disney’s animated feature movie. The music was firstly presented by the American singer and actress “Idina Kim Menzel” in her character as Queen Elsa.
The music was advertised and pushed by adult contemporary radio in the year 2014 of January by Walt Disney Records. The couple therefore composed a pop genre (background music with little lyrics). And performed by vocalist and actress Demi Lovato.
The tune is one of the first Disney animated music to rank on the top ten Billboard Hot 100. The music was generally known internationally. Which became most Disney universal taped with different languages.
Released Date 25th of November 2013
Format Digital Download
Length 3:45
Label Walt Disney
Published Company Wonderland Music
Recorded Date 2012 and 2013
Song Composer(s) Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Genre Show Tune
Music Producer(s) Robert Lopez, Tom MacDougall, Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Chris Montan and Christophe Beck
Let It Go music has been sold more than 10.9 million copies around the world in the year 2014. Which makes it the 5th best selling music.

Kristen Anderson Lopez & Robert Lopez Biography [Let It Go Piano sheet music composer]

Kristen Anderson-Lopez is one of the composers of the music Let It Go. She’s an American Lyricist and composer popularly known as Robert Lopez’s wife.
She earned the “Academy Award for the Best Original Song” for “Remember Me music” from Coco in the year 2017. And “Let It Go music” from Frozen. Kristen earned recognition at the 57th Annual Awards.
Let It Go Piano Sheet Music - Kristen Anderson Lopez & Robert Lopez picture
Kristen Anderson Lopez & Robert Lopez
An American musician “Robert Lopez” that turn to music composer. He was popularly known as Kristen Anderson(co-writer) husband. He’s also known as his composition for “Avenue Q” and “The Book of Mormon”.
Robert was born in New York City to Frank Lopez (Father) and Katherine Lopez (Mother). Frank Lopez as worked as the formal director of publications. For Academic Medical Center “NYU Langone Medical Center”.
He relocated with his parents to Greenwich. After graduated from Yale University and therefore spent more than four years in the state. He started earning from a composition of music for Theatreworks USA.
VIDEO PERFORMANCE of Let it go music score


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