Kiss The Rain sheet music (by Yiruma) in PDF and MP3

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kiss the rain sheet music is a fascinating and beautiful piano music sheet. I recommend for you to download. This piano music piece is an advanced score as by Korean composer and pianist Lee Ru-ma spread around the world and the music. And on my last post, I reveal a link to Download Maple Leaf Rag sheet music by Scott Joplin in PDF. 

Yiruma Biography [Kiss The Rain sheet music Composer]

Yiruma is a South Korean pianist and composer. The name ‘Yiruma’ indicates ‘I will accomplish’ in Korean. He was born in the year 1978 on Feb 15th and began to have an interest in learning the piano in the house at the age of five.

Kiss The Rain sheet music (by Yiruma) in PDF and MP3

In the year 1988, he relocated to England. And also, in the year 1996 of December, he took part in the album The Musicians of Purcell (Decca). He was graduating from Purcell College of Music in the year 1997 of July. Yiruma proceeded with his musical ambitions. He finished a Composition significant from King’s College London in the year 2000 of June.

While studying at King’s College, this appealing pianist launched his first cd ‘Love Scene’ via DECCA records. Besides, throughout his time in college, he took part in a music trip to Europe. He was making an essential influence on his nation. Yiruma was the very first Korean musician to get an invitation for performance at the 2002 MIDEM in Cannes – France. You can continue reading here, Yiruma Biography

It is time to talk about the performer “Jung Joon young”.

Jung Joon young Biography [Kiss The Rain sheet music Performer]

Kiss The Rain sheet music (by Yiruma) in PDF and MP3
Jung Joon-young

Jung Joon Young was born in the year 1989 of February 21st, in South Korea. He after that grew up in Japan, the Philippines, China, France, and also Indonesia. He is the youngest child of Jung Hak-Chun as well as Choi Jong-sook. His dad was a global entrepreneur that took a trip to lots of countries for his service.

Jung has the opportunity to learn speaking three various languages. With complete confidence such as Korean, Chinese, and English. He couldn’t register in a routine college because of many actions. He took personal lessons for regular topics such as English, piano, Math, and violin. He additionally obtained his fourth-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

When Jung grew up to 17, he determined to visit the Philippines to do a missionary job. He taught Taekwondo and also music to the local kids. He belonged to the choir, which uses to perform before the former head of state of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

He mentioned that he got motivated by Kurt Cobain. And was figured out to become a rock celebrity after he viewed Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged show when he was a teen.



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