Download Il Vento D’Oro Piano Sheet Music in PDF & MP3

Download Il Vento D’Oro Piano Sheet Music in PDF & MP3

Il Vento D’oro Piano Sheet Music is a lovely music piece written by Yugo Kanno. The track is one of the leading original soundtracks to the anime chain of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure “Golden Wind.” You will have the download link to the il Vento d’oro music sheet in pdf and midi on this page. In my last post, I revealed a link to download I’m Still Standing Sheet Music in PDF & MP3.

  • Download il vento d’oro piano pdf and midi
  • Best sheet music for il vento d’oro in pdf
  • Download golden wind sheet music in pdf & midi

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Yugo Kanno Biography [Il Vento D’Oro Piano Sheet Music Composer]

Yugo Kanno composed the il Vento d’oro music score. Yugo was born in the year 1977 of June 5th. He’s a well-recognized Japanese composer, musician, and music producer. His works have been displayed in numerous television dramas, movies, and anime series.

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Yugo Kanno

Yugo was born in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. He started his career learning piano at a very tender age of four which later engaged in soccer and playing the piano in junior high school.

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Key Fact About Yugo Kanno

Native Full Name Kanno Yūgo – 菅野 祐悟
Date of Birth 5th of June, 1977 [age 43]
Occupation’s Musician, Sound Producer, Painter, and Music Composer
Years of Active 2002
Instrument’s Piano and Keyboard
Genre’s Rock, Jazz, Orchestral, Acoustic and Classical
Place of Birth Saitama Prefecture
Education’s Tokyo College of Music
Country of Citizenship Japan
Language Japanese
Gender Male

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