I Dreamed a Dream sheet music in PDF & MP3

I Dreamed a Dream sheet music in PDF & MP3

I Dreamed a Dream sheet music is a lovely music piece from Les Miserables. The song was published in the year 1980 and first sung by the character Fantine. I will post a link to download the music sheet and MP3 on this page. In my last page, I revealed a link to download Stay piano sheet music.

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A short history about I Dreamed a Dream sheet music

I Dreamed a Dream was from the year 1980 and was appeared in the Original Production. It was labelled “I had dreamed of another life” and firstly sang by a french songwriter “Rose Merryl”. The music was written in french which after translated to English in October 1985 at West End theatre London.

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Music Composer’s Claude Michel Schonberg
Recorded Year French(1980)



Published Year 1980
Language’s English and French
Lyricist’s Kretzmer Herbert – English

Alain Boublil – French

Music Genre Pop, Theatrical and Musical

Many famous vocalists have produced a cover version of the music “I Dream a Dream”. An American composer “Neil Leslie Diamond” recorded the song in his Live album(1987). The song was released as a single and peaked at number 13 on the USA Billboard in 1987 of November. It also reached at number 90 on the United Kingdom Single Chart.

Claude-Michel Schönberg Biography [I Dreamed a Dream sheet music composer]

Claude-Michel Schönberg was born in the year 1944 of July 6th. He was a well-known French music composer, actor, record producer, and singer. He as work with a French musical theatre lyricist “Alain Boublil.” Many of his works such as Miss Saigon “1989”, The Pirate Queen “2006” and La Révolution Française “1973”.

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Claude-Michel Schönberg

Michel started his music career as a singer and also a record producer. He composed the song “Le Premier Pas” in 1974, which was the most popular in France that year. The music was produced by a French music arranger and also a composer “Franck Pourcel.”

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Schönberg father was a professional Organ technician, and his mother was a piano tuner.

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