Hooked On A Feeling Sheet Music “Mark James” in PDF

Hooked On A Feeling Sheet Music "Mark James" in PDF

Hooked On A Feeling Sheet Music is a lovely music piece written in 1968. It a 1968 pop song composed by well-known American composer “Mark James.” You will be able to download the sheet music in PDF on this page. In my last post, I revealed a link to download Part of Your World sheet music in PDF.

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A short history about Hooked On A Feeling by Mark James

Hooked On A Feeling is a 1968 song and was firstly performed by Billy Joe Thomas. Billy’s version of this music featured a tune of electric guitar played by Reggie Grimes Jr. The music peaked at No. five on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969.

Music Composer Mark James
Label Scepter Records
Recorded Year 1968
Released Date 29th of October, 1968
Genre Pop
Music Duration 2:48 minute
Music Producer Lincoln Wayne Moman

The music has been recorded by several artists, which include “Blue Swede.” Blue Swede version of this song peaked at No.1 in the USA(1974). I will be providing a link to download the Blue Swede version of this music in my next article. Hooked On A Feeling has a music duration of 2:48 and is produced by Chip Moman.

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Mark James Biography [Hooked On A Feeling sheet music composer]

Mark James was born as Francis Rodney Zambon in the year 1940. He’s a well-recognized American music composer, singer, and also music producer. He was best known for his famous works with Elvis Presley, Brenda Lee, and B.J Thomas.

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James started his career as a staff songwriter at Chips Moman’s company in the 1960s.


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