harry potter theme song piano sheet music pdf mp3

Harry Potter Theme Song piano sheet music is lovely music. The music was composed for the Harry Potter film series based on the novels by Joanne Rowling. The movie series was distributed by an American multinational mass media ” Warner Bros.” I will disclose a link to download the Harry theme Song score in PDF and MP3 on this page. In my last post, I revealed a PDF link to download Up Theme Song Piano sheet music.

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harry potter theme song piano sheet music pdf

Short History About Harry Potter Theme Song piano sheet music

The Harry Potter films score was composed by four well-known music composers. Patrick Doyle was a Scottish film writer; John Towner Williams was an American composer and Pianist. Nicholas Timothy Hooper is a renowned British film composer, and Alexandre Michel Desplat is also known as a French film composer.

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John Towner Williams

John Williams started the music score by scoring the first three films. He wrote for Hedwig’s Theme, which was previewed in all eight movies. Other musicians also gave credit by writing the source music, including Jeremy Soule, Jarvis Cocker, The Ordinary Boys, James Hannigan, and Nick Cave.

Key Fact of Harry Potter Theme Song piano sheet music

Music Composer Patrick Doyle, John Williams, Alexandre Desplat. and Nicholas Hooper
Score Name Harry Potter Theme sheet music
Difficulty Medium
Styles Movie, TV and Soundtrack
Key G# major
Released Date  30th of October, 2001
Privacy Everyone can download and use this music score


Let come to our mission in downloading the music sheet in PDF and MP3.

Get the Piano sheet music below:


Get the music in MP3 below:



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