Hallelujah Chorus sheet music “G.F Handel” in PDF and MP3

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Hallelujah Chorus sheet music is a fascinating and beautiful music sheet composed by George Frederick Handel, who is popularly known as G.F Handel. The music is taken from Oratorio Handel’s Messiah. The Hallelujah chorus sheet music is one of the best Handel’s well-known piece performing all over the world at large.

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A short history about  Hallelujah Chorus sheet music by G.F Handel

Messiah Music sheet (HWV 56) was written in the English language from oratorio which was composed in the year 1741 by G.F Handel, with a scriptural message assembled by Charles Jennens from the King James Scriptures, and from the Coverdale Psalter, The message of the psalms is also included with the book of regular prayer.

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The music was first carried out in Dublin in the year 1742 of April 13th, as well as got it’s London best almost a year later on. After an originally moderate public function, the oratorio obtained in popularity, at some point turning into one of the best-known and most regularly performed choral music Western songs.

Is time to talk about the Composer “George Frederick Handel”.

G.F Handel Biography [Hallelujah Chorus sheet music Composer]

Hallelujah Chorus sheet music "G.F Handel" in PDF and MP3
George Frederick Handel

George Frederick Handel was born in the year 1685 in Duchy of Magdeburg [Halle upon Saale] (Later on be a part of Brandenburg-Prussia), to Georg Handel and also Dorothea Trust. His dad was at the age of 63 when G.F Handel was born, was a noteworthy barber-surgeon that offered the court of Saxe-Weissenfels and also the Margraviate of Brandenburg.

His father passed away in the year 1697 of February 11. It was German custom for family and friends to write the music of funeral odes for a significant burgher like George, as well as young Handel discharged his responsibility with a rhyme that was dated February 18th and authorized with his name and (in submission to his dad’s dreams) committed to the liberal arts. At the time George Handel was schooling at Halle’s Lutheran Gymnasium or the Latin Institution.

George Frideric Handel Last Breath

In the year 1750 of August, on a trip back from Germany to London, George was seriously wounded in a carriage crash in between The Hague and also Haarlem in the Netherlands. In the year 1751 one eye began to malfunction. The main reason was a cataract which was operated by the fantastic charlatan Chevalier Taylor.

This did not enhance his vision; however, perhaps, made it even worse. He was entirely blind by the year 1752. He passed away in the year 1759 in his house at Creek Road, at the tender age of 74. Messiah’s performance was the last performance he attended before he died. He officially buried in Westminster Abbey. Many thousands of mourners attended his funeral service, which offered full state honors.

He never wed, and also kept his personal life secretly. His preliminary will indeed bestow the mass of his estate to his niece, Johanna. Nevertheless, four codicils dispersed a lot of his estate to various other relationships, friends, charities, and servants. Handel possessed an art collection that was auctioned posthumously in the year 1760. The public auction brochure detailed roughly seventy paints and also 10 prints (various other paints were bestowed).



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