Gymnopedie sheet music (No.1) in PDF & MP3

Gymnopedie sheet music (No.1) in PDF & MP3

The music name is a French name, which also refers to Trois Gymnopédies. The Gymnopedie sheet music was written by a well-known French pianist and music composer, “Eric Leslie Satie.” In my last post, I revealed a link to download Minecraft Sweden sheet music.

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A short history of Gymnopedie sheet music

The name of the song originated from a French name, “Gynmopaedia.” The title refers to the earliest Greek word for an annual celebration. This festival allowed young men to dance nude. Satie and his best friend, who is also a French Critic and music Composer “Alexis Manuel.” They decided to use the title “Gymnopedie” after concluding reading Gustave Flaubert’s novel.

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Erik Satie Biography [Gymnopedie sheet music composer]

Éric Alfred Leslie Satie, who is professionally known as Erik Satie. He composed the music sheet of Gymnopedie, which the third and first were released in 1888. Erik was born in the year 1866 May 17th and dead in 1925 on July 1st.

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He was professionally known as a professional french pianist and music composer. He was born in northwestern France, “Honfleur.” His father’s name is Alfred Satie and his Mother is Jane Leslie.

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Erik’s family relocated to Paris when he was four years old, where his father “Alfred” was offered a new job in the state. At the age of six years, His mother “Jane Leslie” died in 1872. Erik and his brother”Conrad” was relocated back to Northwestern France to live with his grandparents.

Birth Name Éric Alfred Leslie Satie
Date of Birth 17th of May 1866
Date of Death 1st of July 1925 (59 years old)
Erik Satie Father’s Name Alfred Satie
Erik Satie Mother’s Name Jane Leslie
Erik Satie brother’s Name Conrad Satie
Buried Area Cemetery in Arcueil

He started his music lesson with a local organist in the year 1878. His grandmother died when he was twelve years old. In the year 1880, Erik began his composition career with his stepmother.

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