Google to release 200 New Wi-Fi in Nigeria – Good News

Google to release 200 New Wi-Fi in Nigeria –  Good News

Google Nigeria releases a statement to provide High quality. And the high speed of WI-fi hotspot in Nigeria which partner with 21st Century “Largest Fiber Network Providers based in Nigeria”. As came to the conclusion to implement New Wi-Fi hotspots across Nigeria. 200 New Wi-Fi Hotspot. “Google to release 200 New Wi-Fi in Nigeria”. Google to release 200 New Wi-Fi in Nigeria 2

The news was announced last week at Google for Nigeria Event in Lagos.

The Google station will be launching. And releasing of 200 WI-FI Hotspot in 200 locations “5 popular cities in Nigeria”. By the end of next year, 2009. This is good news to Nigerians, and many people will enjoy free WI-FI connection to their Mobile phones, Laptops, and gadgets. This will be available in Shopping Malls, Markets, Universities, Transport Hubs e.t.c.

Nigeria will be the 5th country in which Google station as launched WI-FI, such as Thailand, Mexico, India, and Indonesia.

Talking at the occasion, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, San, Gcon, Vice President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. Stated: “Each progression that is taken to democratize innovation is a quantum jump in the African. Advancement story and an exceptional commitment to worldwide soundness and development. This is the reason the dispatch of Google Station here in Nigeria, is a massively noteworthy occasion.

In the first place, it implies that Google and 21st Century will give free WiFi access. In a few open spaces in Nigeria, additionally energizing is that few of our business sectors will profit by this free internet.

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The partnership is especially vital to us since we have in the previous year. In our empowering markets venture, been giving solar power capacity to business sectors. And economic clusters across the nation.

We have done extensive work in the Ariaria market place in Aba, Gbagi market place in Ibadan. Sabongari in Kano, Sura in Lagos, and we are beginning in Iponri and Balogun markets. Google to release 200 New Wi-Fi in Nigeria 2.jpg

In any case, the most significant ramifications are that the internet is getting to be accessible to a portion of the poorest in society. What access to important information, apparatuses of training, business. Or trade implies is that holes of disparity and avoidance are connected. Employments are made and in numerous critical regards. there is a genuine shot of better personal satisfaction for extensive quantities of our people.”

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