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This is not a football match or church event.

 Several months ago, Millions applied for about 4000 vacancies in the 

Nigerian Immigration Service (as civil servants). About 1 million were 

shortlisted for the recruitment exercise, at which scores of people lost 

their lives and over hundred were hospitalized.

All because of a N19,500 per month minimum wage job.
Forgetting that 80% of those already working there are NOT happy with

their jobs.


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My name is Adesewa and what I'm about to share with you is meant for the  Tremendously Ambitious Man or Woman Only who wants a legit way to END their money worries FINALLY.

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Requires access to the Internet - A mobile phone connected to the internet and/OR
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All you need is:
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- Your Free gmail address

- N1,600 ONE-TIME 


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It is so simple you could do it in just 4 hours per week.


Right now, we are looking for 50 people which we can lead by the hand for the next 3 months to setup a highly profitable, small-budget home business which...



...Simple Method On How You Can Register


So how can one register for the nnu income and Pay with AtmCard?

Step 1: Your inviter's username is  kayworld 
1.Click here to start your registration
2. Once on the registration page, enter you Name, phone number, email, username and password.
3. Then Scroll down to the Payment Option and Click on Paystack
4.  Click on i've read the terms and conditions
5. Then click on Make Payment to pay the 1,600 Naira Signup fee.


6. On the next page, Click on Click Here to Pay with Paystack


7. The next page is where you will make payment with your Atm Card.


8. Click on Pay with Card
9. Enter the Number in front of Your AtmCard in the box where you see the Card Number
10. Enter The date below it as the Valid Till
11. At the back of your card you will see 3 numbers, enter it where you see CVV and click on
Pay N1,600
12. You will be debited only N1,600 for the NNU income Program Activation fee.
13. You will then get a welcome email from NNU Income
14. Your Account will be activated immediately and you can now Login and start earning.

If you come across any challenges, You can chat me on Whatsapp with this number: 08119999209

At this stage, You are done with the registration and ready to kickoff the Earning part by ranking in a minimum of a Minimum of ₦5,000 Daily.

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Well like you after seeing the proof of alerts in the video above, I too had my doubts because I've heard of such things before and nothing came out of it.


It's either it was a pure scam, I couldn't cash my money or the company folded up BUT...



And it was a Big BUT...


But then I remembered something one of Britain's highest profile Billionaires, owner of virgin airlines; Sir Richard Branson said:




It matters who you listen to.




So I gave NNU a Trial 3 Months Ago

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Now you actually have two choices here: To invest ₦1,600 to start your Online business or to close this page.


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If you decide not to join us, it will be stupid, but that’s still a choice.



I look forward to you making the right choice.


Cheers to the latest NNU investors!



Sincerely yours,

George Adesewa






P.S: Remember I can only provide support and training to my own team partners who get started within the Next 7 Days 


Now, just a little heads up, I'm actually planning to personally coach only 50 people using my Own Personaly Trick To Bank In A Minimum Of ₦25,000 Weekly.


Please Note: As much as I want to help everyone succeed it’s impossible to accommodate every person. If you get started within the next 7 days, you will have open access to contact us at any time!



P.P.P.S: Over
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Once I hit the 50-man team who register within the next 7 days who register through GET ACCESS NOW BUTTON, the bonus hand On training will be CLOSED and if I ever open it, you will have to cough out ₦5,000 for my special trick again.








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