Ashokan Farewell sheet music by Jay Ungar

Ashokan Farewell sheet music by Jay Ungar

Here is a lovely piano music score “Ashokan Farewell sheet music”. The score was written by a well-known American folk composer “Jay Ungar”. I will reveal the link to download the music sheet below. In my last post, I also uncovered a link to download Mr Sandman sheet music.

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A short history of Ashokan Farewell sheet music

Ashokan Farewell was composed in 1982 by the well-recognized folk composer “Jay Ungar”. The song track featured in 1990 American television documentary miniseries. The music piece was also written in Scottish lament style.

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Jay Ungar Biography [Ashokan Farewell sheet music composer]

Jay Ungar was born in the year 1946 on November 14th in New York City (Bronx). Ungar was well-known as a professional American folk composer. Ungar has been a formal member of an American musical group “Cat mother and The All Night News Boys.” He has been a member of the Putnam String Country Group in the 1960s.

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Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Family Band

He has worked with an American songwriter, “David Bromberg.” Jay was best known for his work “Ashokan Farewell” in 1982. Jay met an American musician, “Molly Mason,” in 1970 and got married in 1991. Molly and Jay created a group labelled “Swingology” and performed as a duo.

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Date of Birth 14th of November 1946
Occupation’s Music composer and Musician
Jay Ungar wife’s name Molly Manson
Jay Ungar Daughter’s name Ruth Ungar Merenda
State of Resident The Bronx, New York, United state
Family Band name Swingology

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