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Emi O Gbe Oju Mi soke Wonni sheet music is a lovely Yoruba choral music. Composed for choristers and also arranged in SATB, recommended for you to download. T.K Phillips composed the music and lyrics. Spread around the world and music. And on my last post, I reveal a link to download Patewo Music Sheet By Dayo Oyedun in pdf and lyrics.

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A short history about Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni Music By T.K Phillips

Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni music is a Yoruba choral music. It was composed by a well-known composer, choirmaster, Music director, and organist T.K Phillips. This music as been performed by many choirs all over the world, especially in Nigeria.

Despite that, the music is written in Nigeria Language “Yoruba.” Many churches in Nigeria as rendered the music as the choral anthem. It’s one of the most performed Yoruba anthems in Nigerian as of today after Messiah Babami. And Polongo Jesu music sheet.

T.K Phillips Biography [Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni sheet music composer]

Thomas Ekundayo Philips lived from 1884 and died in the year 1969 on July 10th. He was born in the family of Bishop Charles Philips in the city of Ondo in Akure, Nigeria.

He schooled in Government Training school. And also a past student of CMS Grammar school in Lagos state. He worked as an Optician due to his qualification as a chemist from Government Training school.

Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni sheet music By T.K Phillips in PDF and MP3
T.K Phillips

Archdeacon Nathaniel was working under his dad in the diocesan, where he encouraged Ekundayo to study music. He was a mentor who starts his organ lesson with his uncle Johnson Philips. 

And later, begin organ playing under the mentorship of a very popular organist, “Solomon Moses Daniels.” playing at St Paul’s Church, Aroloya, which Ekundayo start his career as an Assistant Organist at the same church till 1914. You can continue Full T.K Phillips Biography HERE

VIDEO PERFORMANCE of Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni score


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