Download Patewo Music Sheet By Dayo Oyedun In PDF

Download Patewo Music Sheet By Dayo Oyedun In PDF...

PATEWO sheet music is taken from the Oratorio ‘Obangiji’ composed by Dr. Dayo Oyedun and the word PATEWO means “Clap Your Hand” is a very beautiful classical music. Here you will download the Patewo music sheet for FREE and also a little Biography about the handsome man behind the music.

Download Patewo Music Sheet - Patewo Music in MP3

Dr. Dayo Oyedun in Action

Brief Dayo Oyedun Biography [PATEWO music sheet Composer]

Dayo Oyedun as a twentieth-century composer is both a neo-classical music composer along a nationalist. This is only because his style follows the masters of the Baroque and Classical period (Handel, Bach, Mozart), consciously refusing the impressionism of the Romantic era.

Dr. Dayo Oyedun was born in Abeokuta, Western Nigeria, right into a musical family that hails from Ogbomosho, Oyo state (also in Western Nigeria.)

He was born on May 21st, 1972, at 4:35(pm), at the famous Government Hospital, mainly known as General Teaching Hospital Abeokuta.

At the time of his birth, the attending middle wife discovering that the movement of his fingers created this opinion” wai!!! See just how quickly his fingers conduct, he will probably be an excellent pianist.

His father, Gabriel Bamidele Oyedun, was a top Baptist organist, who served since the principal organist playing the church pipe organ in First Baptist Church Ijaye in Abeokuta as of 1968-1978, and afterward, the organist of Oritamefa Baptist Church from the year 1978 – 1996.


Dayo commenced off his main schooling at Baptist Day School at Idi-Aba Abeokuta in the year 1976. Dayo primary education was interrupted in the year 1978 in which his daddy once lectured in Baptist ladies College, Idi-Aba was moved to Ibadan, Oyo State, subsequent to the creation of states in the year 1978. Later he completed his primary education in Abadina primary school and staff school, University of Ibadan (U.I.).

He began his secondary education in Loyola school Ibadan from the year 1983-1985, however, he later moved into International School, the University of Ibadan from 1986-1990. His manuscript at international School reads “Oyedun Dayo was an asset for the School Choir and also a very important a single indeed.

Between the years 1990-1994, ‘He studied Biochemistry at a popular University Obafemi Awolowo Ile – Ife, also afterwards gained entrance to read Medicine at the University of Ibadan in the year 1995 and finished his health care training in 2002/2003.

He commenced his own post-graduate instruction in Anatomy in the year 2008. Throughout his schooling, dayo had been in the school choir. He started as a member of this choir in staff college. He was the most bandleader group, at College Loyola. Later he became a tenor singer and accompanist in the International college Ibadan. During his undergraduate period at the University of Ibadan (U.I)., he had been a tenor singer and accompanist.

Brief on His Musical Training

Day o commenced his musical practice along with his dad who launched him into hymns playing at the age of four. Being of Baptist history/background, his dad would make him always practice hymns at different keys (one key a month). He later commenced a violin lesson with Professor Isaac Grillo, a Professor of Surgery and renounced Baptist Violinist. In fact, he bought Dayo that his first violin and could make him always practicing scales hymns and violin solos. In primary school and secondary school, he began to studying recorder and mouthpiece/organ. He also joined the recorder outfit/ensemble in Loyola College Ibadan, also climbed from the normal member into the bandleader. He chased playing both the recorder and mouth organ using scared Songs Beneath the Tutorage of both Mr. Eyinade (an instructor ).

Dayo started rudiments of music courses with different people whose names aren’t mentioned below. He registered for related Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM) grade in theory and practical 1981 he passed with a good grade of distinction in the year 1982-1989. He sat 2-8 departure using distinctions all through. At various stages of the ABRSM piano grade music exams, ” he had been beneath the tutor-age of the next music teachers: His dad, Mr. G.B.Oyedun,” Mr. Sapon, who was a Ghanaian and at then, was the music teacher in U.I. Staff School, Mr. Philip along with Emmanuel Boamah, Mrs. AmorelleInanga,” (L.RSM), the former music teacher in the International School, University of Ibadan,” Dr. Mrs. Miller (M-Mus, B.Mus) and late Esq Olaolu Omibiyi.

Dayo fascination with choral functions was ravaged by a number of factors as stated below.1. This steadily built-up his vulnerability and interests infamous composition such as”Halleluyah”, “and also the Glory”, “Gloria” and”O Thou That Tallest”.2 He was keen on attending classrooms, getting inspirations and earning mentors.

Oyedun Dayo as a composer

His compositions got him Nearer to Professor Mrs. Mosunmola OmibiyiObidike, Also a Professor of Ethnomusicology in the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan.

Oyedun Dayo written operas these as”Juliana”, “Pirate of both Badagry” and also”The Moon and I”. He composed cantatas which are: “college cantata”, “Queen’s cantata”, “The Palm-Wine Cantata”, “Golden Bells of both Parriel” along with “Hospital cantata”. Dayo oratorios comprise “Iyin”, “Obangiji” “Patewo”. His anthems also include “Cathedral anthems”. His symphony include”Symphony

“. He composed and ordered that the”College of Medicine Anthems” when studying in the same school. Altogether, Dayo as composed not less down 600 music work and also he is still composing to date. I will now cover my pen at this stage of Biography.

Now presenting to you “PATEWO” one of his best work and now popularly performed among best church choristers within the state. You can watch the performed video below:

The above video had been performed with the Sanctuary Choir of Oritamefa Baptist Church, Ibadan, conducted by Dr. Dayo Oyedun and followed closely by Temitope Amao. There are many beautiful Yoruba classical as well such as Dodimu Music sheet by Yemi Akinpelu and Messiah Babami Music sheet by Ayo Oluranti.

You can now get the sheet music below:


You can also get Patewo Music In MP3:


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