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Download Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni Music Sheet

The name is taken from the book of Psalm 121 which means “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills” music was composed by Thomas Phillips (Thomas King Ekundayo Phillips). The classical music is very popular and spaciously rendered in Church of Nigeria and abroad! Here you will have full access to Download Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni Music Sheet By T.K Phillips In PDF.kongashare.com - Download Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni Music Sheet by By T.K Phillips

Brief T.K Phillips Biography [Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni Composer]

Thomas King Ekundayo Phillips was born in the year 1884 in the hand of a Bishop Samuel Charles Phillips in Ondo state. Thomas attend the CMS Grammar school in Lagos and later went to the Government Training school where he earned and qualified as a chemist then. Thomas was encourage by Archdeacon Nathaniel to study music. Thomas Uncle Johnson Phillips lectured him on organ and gave him lesson to perform.

The well known organist then at Saint Paul’s Church Aroloya “Solomon Moses Daniels” also gave him some teaching on organ playing in which he later become Assistant Organist at St’ Paul’s Church Aroloya Lagos till 1914.

Thomas attended Trinity college of Music from the year 1911 to 1914 in London where he learn Piano, Violin and Organ playing, later given the FTCML “Fellowship of Trinity College of Music” in Organ playing.

He was the second Nigerian to earn a baccalaureate degree in Music. Then later return to him home country “Nigeria” in 1914 where he was invited by Bishop Herbert Tugwell to become the Organist and Master of Music at the Cathedral Church of Christ Marina Lagos. He retain the Master of Music position for 48-years in which his elder brother now become Bishop of Cathedral.

T.K Phillips lectured many known students in which they are all professionals in Music such as Lazarus Ekwueme, Ayo Bakole, Christopher Oyesiku and his handsome son named Oluwole Obayomi Phillips. Fela Sowande always salute T.K Phillips for what he as learnt from him and made him succeed in line of Music.

The Great T.K Phillips died in the year 10th of July 1969 and left with 5 children.

Now presenting to you “Emi O Gbe Oju Mi Soke Wonni” one of his best work and now popularly performed among best church choristers within Nigeria and Abroad. You can watch the performed video below:

The above video had been performed with the Fela Sowande Singers and Ayo Oluranti on the Organ in the year 2012 April at Pittsburgh PA and Directed by Oyebade Dosunmu. There are many beautiful Yoruba classical as well such as Messiah BabaMi sheet by Ayo Oluranti and Patewo Music sheet by Dayo Oyedun.

You can now download Patewo Sheet below: