Dancing in the Moonlight sheet music

Dancing in the Moonlight sheet music

Dancing in the Moonlight music is a piece of lovely music. Composed by well recognized French rock band which was formed in New york. Kelly Sherman initially wrote the music. In my last, I revealed the link to download the Gymnopedia music sheet.

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A short history of Dancing in the Moonlight sheet music

The track was composed in the year 1969 by Sherman Kelly. He wrote the song after he was brutal by some gang. He recorded the track with his band “Boffalongo.”

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The music was also recorded in the year 1970 by High Broom. It was failed to get on top of the UK Single Chart.

Released Date 9th of July 1972
Recorded date 1972
Music Duration 2:57
Producer Name Jack Robinson
Song Writer’s Sherman Kelly
Genre Pop Rock
Label Perception Records
Recorded By Kelly’s band Boffalongo

King Harvest Biography [Dancing in the Moonlight sheet music composer]

King Harvest was created by well known American-French rock group. The band is professionally recognized by their single “Dancing in the Moonlight” in 1972.

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It was formed in the city of France by a group of four in 1970. The group started by Ronald Altbach(Keyboardist), Dave Robinson (Lead vocalist, Bass & Keyboardist), Rod Novak plays saxophone, and Ed Tuleja, which plays Guitar. All the members are ex-student of Cornell University.

At some point, Sherman Kelly “Dancing in the Moonlight writer” joined the group. His brother “Wells Kelly” who later formed his group labeled Orleans.

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