Who is Dallas Yocum Lindell | Mike Lindell Wife, Family, Age, Career, Net Worth & Fact

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Who Is Dallas Yocum Lindell?

Meet the wife of Mike Lindell, who filed for divorce from him after only one month.

Dallas Yocum Lindell, an American citizen, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, was born in 1980. She is widely recognized nationwide as “Mike Lindell’s” former wife. Mike, a businessman and conspiracy researcher from the United States, is called Michael J. Lindell.

As the firm’s CEO that manufactures pillows, beds, and slippers called “My Pillow, Inc.” he is widely recognized nationwide. He established the Lindell Foundation as well. Dallas Yocum, his ex-wife, is a successful entrepreneur, nevertheless.

Dallas Yocum Family

Yocum has done a great job of keeping her private life private. As a result, not much is known about her parents. Her ex-husband’s company, MyPillow Inc., did, however, employ some of her family members. Yocum is also of mixed ethnicity and nationality and is from the United States.

How Old Is Dallas Yocum ? Age

What year was Dallas Yocum born? As of 2023, Yocum will be 42 years old. She was born in the USA in 1980. She has yet to give us her exact birth date. Thus, we need to find out when she was born or when her birthday is celebrated.

Dallas Yocum Career

Dallas Yocum did not get widespread attention all by herself. She likes to keep her private affairs private. Since her separation from Mike, she has stayed out of the limelight. As a consequence, little information about her private life is available.

Mike founded and ran many small enterprises in the 1980s. My Pillow was designed by Mike Lindell in the year 2004. He started with five employees and has now grown to over 50,000. His business is now overgrowing everywhere. He plans to produce roughly 85,000 pillows daily at the factory in his hometown.

dallas yocum lindell_mike lindell wife

Mike also oversees the Lindell Foundation, a non-profit institution. The Foundation’s goal is to help those struggling with addiction, cancer patients, and service members. The charity provided 60 000 pillows to the victims of Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Additionally, Mike serves as Donald Trump’s advisor and supporter. He became famous for his Fox News commercials touting oleandrin, a herb extract, as a COVID-19 countermeasure.

Who is Dallas Yocum’s Husband, Mike Lindell

Dallas was recognized for her friendship with businessman Mike Lindell, the founder and developer of MyPillow Inc., and her short marriage to him. Beginning their relationship in 2011, the divorced couple wed in June 2013.

dallas yocum lindell_mike lindell wife

The couple has just been engaged for two weeks and has no children. Additionally, Lindell is reportedly a trustworthy buddy of Donald Trump, the once contentious president of the United States of America.

Yocum was Mike Lindell’s second better half; the couple had been married to Karen Dickey for twenty years. Four children were born to the previous couple after their 20-year marriage.

Due to Lindell’s white plague splitting, his first wife, Karen Dickey, filed for divorce. With Kendra Reeves, Mike Lindell seemed to have discovered love once again.

What is Dallas Yocum Net Worth ?

Dallas Yocum has persistently maintained that she wants to keep her private life private. Since her divorce, she has faded from public view. About her professional history, little information is accessible. However, as of 2023, she had a median net worth of $4500,000.

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Dallas Yocum – Facts

  • The orthodox Christian Mike Yocum, Dallas Yocum’s ex-husband, earned a doctorate of Business from Liberty University in 2019.
  • There are no children in the union.
  • Dallas likes animals a lot as well.
  • She doesn’t use any social media platforms.
  • Dallas Yocum is said to have abandoned him, called him uninteresting, and left him with her pricey wedding band.

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