Brave Shine sheet music “Fate/Stay Night” for Piano

Brave Shine sheet music "Fate/Stay Night" for Piano

Brave shine sheet music is a lovely music piece. It was composed by well recognized Japanese singer “Aimer.” You will be able to download the music sheet in PDF and also in MP3 on this page. In my last post, I revealed a link to download I Hate You I Love You piano sheet music in PDF.

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A short history of Brave Shine by Aimer

Brave shine music was written by a Japanese vocalist, “Aimer.” and Hisashi Koyama. The music was the eighth single and was released on the 3rd of June, 2015.

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The track was used once as the second theme of the anime TV “Fate/stay night.”

Music Composer’s Aimer (Aimerhythm) and Hisashi Koyama
Music Producer Kenji Tamai
Genre Rock music and J-pop
Label Defstar Records
Duration 27:28
Released Date 3rd of June, 2015

The song was reached No. 4 Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 and Oricon’s singles charts.

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Aimer Biography [Brave Shine sheet music Composer]

Aimer is a well-known Japanese lyricist ad pop vocalist signed to Song Music Entertainment records.86

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She was born in a musician’s family, and she started learning the piano in elementary school. In junior high school, she was inspired by Avril Lavigne, which led her to compose English and to learn guitar.

Nick Name Aimerhythm
Date of Birth 9th of July, 1990 (30 years)
Genre Rock music, Jazz and J-pop
Label Defstar Records – 2011 – 2015

SME Records – 2016 – present

Instrument’s Piano and Vocalist

At the tender age of 15, Aimer’s voice was ceased due to over-usage. She advised going for treatment which was later undergoing therapy for treatment.

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