Bill Burr Daughter Lola Burr, Age, Wiki, Photos, and Net worth

bill burr daughter lola burr age

Who is Bill Burr’s daughter? Lola Burr Wiki Bio

Lola Burr is the prominent daughter of Bill Burr, a well-known stand-up comedian. Lola’s rise to fame may be attributed to her famous father.

This article will cover the life story of Lola Burr, including her parents’ names, date of birth, occupation, and wealth. Let’s start with a quick review of her summary profile.

Lola Burr Biography

Lola, who is 5 years old and has black hair that is wavy and coiled. Stands at 2 feet, 9.5 inches (85.5 centimeters) and weighs somewhere around 11.5 kilograms (about 26.5 pounds) (12 kilobytes).

Her mother, Nia Renee Hill, an actress renowned for her roles in such films as “Lila, Long Distance” (2011), “Did You Look for Work This Week?” (2012), and “Santa Clarita Diet” (2017), is responsible for giving her daughter her African-American heritage. She contributes to Xojane’s site as a writer as well.

Lola Burr Father

William Frederick “Bill” Burr, born in Massachusetts, USA, on June 10, 1968, is a well-known stand-up comedian. His daughter, Lola Burr, is a famous comedian in her own right.

Bill was born to dentist Robert Edmond Burr and nurse Linda Ann Wigent. He earned his bachelor’s degree in radio in 1993.

Later in life, he chose to make a career shift and became a stand-up comedian in the entertainment sector under the name Bill Burr. Since May 2007, he has been regularly airing a podcast first thing in the morning.

Bill Burr’s “Paper Tiger” was his most recent stand-up special. He’s also a voice actor, in addition to being a comedian. Jason Michael has portrayed through his voice acting skills. 2008, to be precise.

He has his pilot’s license and has been interested in music since he was a young child when he began playing the drums. He has declared his daughter to be the most incredible thing ever occurring to him and the source of endless happiness.

When Lola’s father caused a stir by making a joke that included a reference to Lola, he felt terrible about it for fear of how it would affect his daughter in the future.

Lola Burr Relationship

Lola Burr’s sole significant relationship is with her parents; she is still too young to start dating. She may decide to enter one in the future, but she needs time to develop first.

Lola Burr Occupation

Lola Burr is still too young to work, and she cannot even do simple chores. We have no explanation for the bottle other than that she is a young child.

Lola Burr Family

Her parents, Nia Renee Hills (an actress) and Bill Burr (a stand-up performer) are also in the entertainment industry. Nia’s film credits include heavy hitters like Lila and Long-distance and fan favorites like did you search for work? In addition to performing, she also contributes to Xiaomes’s blog as a writer.

In 2009, Billy and his future wife met on the set of the romantic comedy where they both worked, and by 2012, they were engaged to be married.

Unfortunately, we need to find out Lola’s younger brother’s name. Both her parents are wealthy and social media influencers; her father is worth over $13 million, and her mother over $2 million.

Lola Burr Education

Lola is relatively young and impressionable; she lacks experience and credentials. Because of her continued development, she will soon be attending preschool.

Lola Burr Net worth

For the time being, Lola’s net worth cannot be determined because she is unemployed. However, her father would open or register a child account for her, into which he would transfer funds to use for her future schooling.

Lola is now having fun as the child of two loving parents, but we are very confident that she is not yet generating much income since she is likely still saving her nickels from the Tooth Fairy.

Although we often see her checking over her mom’s Instagram, we seldom see her actual face.

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