Barbara Roufs Biography, How Did She Die? Wiki, Age, Kids & Photos

barbara roufs biography

We shall discuss the full Barbara Roufs Biography, How Did She Die? Wiki, Age, Kids & Photos. In our last post, we discuss the full Abby Phillip Biography, Wiki, Age & Parents.

Who is Barbara Roufs ?

barbara roufs biography

Barbara Roufs is a Drag Race Trophy Girl from the United States. She is known as a remarkable young lady. She has brought a lot of energy and pleasure to the event. Barbara passed in 1991 when she was 46 years old. In this brief biography, we’ll look at her work, riches, marriage, death, and cause of death.

A favorite woman was Barbara Roufs; a motorsports legend from the 1970s. She was a 29-year-old mother of two young children. She is widely regarded as the most beautiful trophy girl in drag racing in Southern California. Many of her race photos may be found on YouTube.

What was Barbara Roufs Age ?

Barbara was born on this day in 1944. Her sibling’s and parents’ identities remain unknown at this time.

It’s worth noting that she’s a trophy girl who grew up in California. This is a teenage, pretty, rich lady who acts following her older man’s social rank.

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Barbara doesn’t have any information about her parents or siblings. Even though Barbara was filmed by Tom West, a close associate, and photographer, he only published images of Barbara’s daughter and granddaughter yet never disclosed anything about her.

Barbara Roufs Career Before Death

Barbara Roufs debuted on the racing circuit in the mid-1970s as a trophy girl. Drag racing contest was formed during the first-class era in the 1960s when updated versions supplanted older vehicles and fuelers drove dragsters.

barbara roufs biography

Over time, women’s fashion evolved. They had long hair, short skirts and shorts, and bras were not worn.
She was the ultimate prize girl for this race, with her stunning beauty, long blonde hair, gogo boots, and freedom tanks.

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Only women that matched Barbara’s height and shape made it to the drag racing tournament, as per Dough Klase, the drag star organization in California. Her vitality is what made her famous and gave her a name.

Grandchildren and Children

In 2016, the well-known photographer Tom West shared vintage images of Barbara Roufs. Everyone was taken aback. Jet Dougherty, her “Facebook handle,” shared some of her mother’s recollections. She claimed to have a fulfilling and fascinating life. Unfortunately, it was just short.

What Caused Her Death ?

Barbara committed herself in mysterious circumstances only a few years after being a trophy girl. She took her life and created history after a happy existence.

Birth Name Barbara Roufs
Profession Drag Race Trophy Girl
Date of Birth 1944
Birth Place United State of America
Age 47 years before death
Hometown USA
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Not Known
Nationality American
Date of Death 1991

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