Auld Lang Syne sheet music “Robert Burns” for Piano in PDF & MP3

Auld Lang piano Syne sheet music “Robert Burns” for Piano in PDF & MP3

Auld Lang Syne sheet music is a song derived from a Scottish poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. The music is also known as the traditional folk song which I will uncover a link to download music sheet and MP3 on this page. In my last post, I revealed a link to download Phantom of the Opera sheet music in PDF & MP3.

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A short history of Auld Lang Syne by Robert Burns

Auld Lang Syne is a poem written by well recognized Scottish Poet “Robert Burns”. It was written in the year 1788 which was well known worldwide. It mainly uses as a farewell to the old year or new year’s eve. Auld Lang Syne music is also sung on many occasions such as funerals, graduations e.t.c.
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The word’s “Auld Lang Syne” also features in similar poems. Such poems were written by Allan Ramsay, Robert Aytoun and James Watson. A Novelist “Mathew Fitt” make use of a term “in the days of auld lang syne” in exchange to “Once upon a time” in his poem.
Auld Lang Syne Poem Composer Rabbie Burns
Composed Year 1788
Occasional Uses At New Year

New Year’s Eve


Funerals and other farewell’s

Robert Burns Biography [Auld Lang Syne Sheet Music composer]

Rabbie Burns was born in the year 1759 of January 25th in Scottland. He’s a well-known Scottish Lyricist, Poet and Famer. He was recognized internationally and refer as the national poet of Scottland.
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Robert Burns
Robert as recognized for his poem written in English and Scots dialect. Rabbie was the oldest of seven children of William Burness and Agnes Brown. William Burns lives between the year 1721 and 1784(self-educated tenant and a farmer). While Agnes Brown “Robert’s mother” lives between the year 1732 and 1820.
Date of Birth 25th of January 1759 (37 years)
State of Birth Alloway, Scotland
Year of Active 1759 – 1796
Occupation Lyricist



Spouse’s Jean Armour (Belle of Mauchline)
Children’s Eleven
Parent’s William Burnes and Agnes Broun
Date of Death 21st July 1796
In the year 1796 of July 21, Robert was found died in Dumfries (age of 37). He was buried on the day his son “Maxwell Burn” was born (25th of July 1796).

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