7 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

7 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Doing business in Nigeria is not a straightforward one if it has to do with beginning a company in Nigeria. Whether small-scale, moderate or large scale ventures. One of the most challenging parts is raising money to fund the enterprise. On this page, I will be revealing ten great tips on how to raise money for business in Nigeria.

In our last post, we talk about the steps on How To Make Money At Home In Nigeria, and we come up here to learn how to raise money for business in Nigeria. This can actually be a hazard and also a significant obstacle to numerous entrepreneurs. 

It has regularly led to this fall of supposed multi-millionaire business. Which lots of who’d such business concepts have whined and thought that it will appear to pass. Can you currently say there are no methods for increasing funds for a business in Nigeria? The solution will not be any.

Methods on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria


10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Start with your Pocket:-

Using your personal cost savings could additionally help attract more cash. Conserving a reasonable part of any funds you get is just a superior beginning to raising the capital you will need for the fantasy enterprise.

If you’re employed, for example, you earn cash from the salaries or salaries you are becoming paid. If you’re a student, it’s very likely that mummy, daddy, and big brother often mail out you some pocket money. If you’re serious about that firm vision. you need to get started making both small and big sacrifices to be sure that you save more from your paycheck check out.

10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria..

However much cash you get at the moment, try your own best to put aside. It just makes sense that you put your money where your mouth is. If your concept is as vivid as you possibly say that is, you need to have no problem committing some of your hard-won cash to it! How?  Utilizing savings as a source of funding works better for folks who earn some form of earnings, no matter how modest.

It is usually simpler to convince your friends and family, banks, and investors to give you capital if you already have any of one’s own money invested in your strategy or little enterprise. It’s an indication of confidence and also a series of faith that you imagine the business idea is well worth every penny.


10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Relate with your Family and Friends:-

Your family and friends are those you have a powerful effect on. They already like and worry for you and would like you to succeed. In addition, they are willing to follow your own ideas and support you and also could frequently be your first set of true fans as well as fans.

10 Tips on how to raise money for business in nigeria1

For those who have assembled your personal cost savings and detect that you still need more money, these folks are the very most useful way to obtain capital for the small business enterprise. As they’re emotionally attached for you, relatives and friends are willing to bring greater risk to put money into your organization, unlike investors and banks who believe hazard very closely and seriously.

Colin currently runs a $10 million sales company he started out with all the $5,000 expenditure he used to open up his computer service business out of his parents’ garage. Now, Patrick has increased the $1,800 bank loan he obtained from his mother into a multi-million dollar solar power business. One of those successful entrepreneurs we have profiled, such as Tanzania’s Patrick Ngowi and South Africa’s Colin Thornton, commenced out their companies with capital invested by family and friends.


10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Time to Apply for Grants and Loans:-

It really is crucial you realize that the gap involving grants along with financial loans. Small-businesses produce a great deal of work, boost nearby tech, and deliver lots of services and products which encourage larger businesses and companies.

For all these factors and a lot additional, federal government associations and global organizations place up many loans and grants to encourage medium and small scale organizations within Africa. Do not stress that it really is maybe perhaps not quite as terrifying as it appears.

10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Now you might well not know it however most authorities and global bureaus want to know more about encouraging small and medium organizations (or even SMEs) due to those essential jobs that they play at the development of virtually any nation’s market.

Grants, unlike loans, cannot draw attention and won’t be reimbursed. But, grants may frequently call for more paperwork compared to just loans. That clearly was a rather HUGE chance that you can find federal government grants and loans out there for smaller organizations and startups on your nation. The issue is, perhaps maybe not a lot of men and women understand about such chances or possibly hassle to employ.

Software is free and can surely cost nothing. Why don’t you give it a go? You have anything to achieve whether it ends up! Just be sure to go throughout the instructions and also conform to them. In a recent essay, we’ve profiled fifty businesses that offer financial and capital aid to business owners and little organizations in Africa.

10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Simply take Benefit of Social Media & Word Of Mouth Promotion: –

Social media has significantly a lot more than proven itself as being a dependable software to market any company. Today, numerous style boutiques sell their things through Instagram, a few through Facebook, along with others through each. Understand: Social networking and person to person advertisement may be quite powerful and free!

10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Based about what you are supplying, there is almost always a societal media platform with your intended crowd. If you’ve got 1, 000 followers on Twitter, focus on this particular. By encouraging to some closely targeted economy through your societal websites accounts, you will be spending much lesser cash to market than you would have.


10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Find a partner who Has got the cash: –

We’ll Offer You a Fast Instance of the business partnership success story: Each of them donated their abilities, resources, and capital to find the business from the ground at ’09. Now, Jobberman provides opportunities for millions of persons in Nigeria and Ghana to get their dream tasks.

Jobberman.com is now Nigeria’s biggest & most successful job hunt engine with over one million registered users. The company was launched by three college students who decided to partner and created the business thought function. You might have a brilliant business thought, specialized skills or mental capability to create a remarkable product however it’s still true that you desire a partner with money which you want to make the merchandise and market it to industry.

10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Once you have a profitable small business idea and find a partner who can donate your funding, you both provide something to the table and also could discuss possession of the small business. Today, Iroko TV is now a multi-million dollar firm, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenues monthly!

It’s a win-win position for you both! Another terrific case of the business thought that came living owing to a thriving venture is Iroko TV, the most prominent online assortment of videos made in Africa. While its creator, Jason Njoku, experienced the fantastic idea, he detected a partner at Sebastian Gotter who attracted from the critical $30,000 funding that got the enterprise from the earth.


10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

Utilize Creditors Cash: –

When people pay ahead to get a solution or services you are still to deliver, they’ve currently put cash on your own pockets. You might either keep the amounts wait till you have brought to the customer or you could devote the total obtained as you send the exact product or service paid for.

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This really is among those very couple methods of running or starting a company without funding. Clients by having a dire demand to get a good or assistance in many cases are eager to pay for the complete selling value tag (or a portion of it) ahead of time.

This way of increasing funding usually operates well for organizations that usually do not call for any funding expense decision to begin. In the event you never necessitate any funds to obtain an office area, then buy lease or equipment a mill outlet, then you definitely really can take up a small company from scratch utilizing progress financing out of your customers.

10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria - Kongashare

Offer contracts using a few businesses regularly permit a’mobilization charge’ to be paid out into the builder until the true labor commences off. These obligations ‘operate perhaps not done’ certainly really are a good supply of working and startup money for internet marketers. This’upfront’ cost commonly supplies you using the funds that you want to create the service or product and receive it brought for the consumer and make into a beautiful revenue.

The only disadvantage with this really is if the consumer needs a refund and you haven’t obtained some returns in the investment that the amount of money was put into, you would be left. This could hurt confidence and permanently damage your connection with this specific customer and many other potential clients that could have come through that one human being.

10 Tips on How to Raise Money for Business in Nigeria

NNU Income Program:

Here is another interesting way to raise money for business in Nigeria. But this will cost you just #1,600 and you will be making a minimum of #25,000 per week with 100% Guaranteed! You can read more here: How to Earn Money In Nigeria 2018


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